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‘The Perfect Recipe’

This time of year, there are often tantalizing aromas coming from our kitchens. Many homemakers have family recipes that have been handed down through the years and are traditional dishes for the upcoming holiday seasons. The individual smells often bring back memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas’s past and wet our appetites for yet another eventful experience with family.

To accomplish making those amazing dishes, all of the ingredients for the individual recipes must be present. If one is baking, the flour, the sugar, the salt, the spices, the eggs, and the moisture must be mixed together and then baked at the correct temperature in order for the dish to be complete. None of these ingredients by themselves will create our desired dish, nor would they taste good. If one is preparing something cold, then the same procedure is required. The individual ingredients must be blended together and then put into the refrigerator or freezer to fulfill the requirements of the completed dish.

Just as it is in cooking, so our Heavenly Father has His own recipes for us to follow in order to become the exact person He wants us to be. There will be the mixing of personalities He brings into our lives. There will be the spicy events that stir our excitement and the salty ones that make us stop and wonder. There are the sweet times that carry us forward and give us memories to cherish. There will be the ups and downs and the blending together, which quite often takes a long time for us to receive. Then of course there will be the temperatures of either heat or cold that will finish us into His desired result. His recipe book (The Holy Bible) gives us the answer to every question we may have, and if we follow His exact instructions, the results will be His desired recipe for our lives. Can you follow His recipes?

Audrey B. Unruh is a local columnist, who can be reached at

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