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A Road Trip

This past Saturday, 12 of the Fredericktown Fillies Red Hat ladies took a road trip to Patti’s Settlement, which is about 20 miles the other side of Paducah, Kent.

It is an 1800s settlement with log cabin buildings, shops galore, wonderful eating places, a theater, and an interesting atmosphere of the entire area. The total area (off the beaten path of the Interstate 24) reminds you somewhat of the Silver Dollar City area in Branson, only it is three hours away instead of five.

Now I haven’t driven anything larger than a truck since I retired from 44 years of driving a school bus, but we rented a fifteen passenger van and were ready for a delightful day. The weather was beautiful, the scenery along the drive was spectacular, the van was roomy and comfortable, and we had a most pleasant time laughing and talking and enjoying one another. We had a delicious dinner in one of the local restaurants and felt ‘stuffed’ as we finished. We then walked and shopped in the quaint little stores until time for the Christmas Spectacular show we were there to attend. The entertainers were excellent musicians, singers, and actors, and were every bit as good as those in other places. There were the light hearted songs and skips during the performances, but everyone was extremely happy to see that the true meaning of Christmas was more important during the show than anything else.

I am very thankful that there are those who are still willing to put ‘first things first’ in today’s society and not be ashamed of their convictions. Veterans were acknowledged, honored, and appreciated for their service to our country. Lest we ever forget, if it were not for our serving servicemen and women and our veterans of the past, we would not be the free country we are today.

Our day was a huge success and a memory to cherish for a long time. God bless you veterans and servicemen and women. We thank you that we are able to enjoy the freedoms we have because of each of you.

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