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Madison Medical Center Board Meeting

The Madison Medical Center Board of Trustees met at 9:30 a.m. on Nov. 12 for its regular monthly meeting. The following board members were present: Larry Hunt, Ruth Ann Skaggs, and Connie Matthews. Board members absent: Kent Marler and Denny Ward. MMC staff present: Lisa Twidwell, Administrator/CEO; Allan Sucharski, CFO; Jennifer Penuel, COO; Kristen Starkey, Nursing Home DON; Carol Hyatt, Director of Physician Practices; Maureen Medley, Administrative Assistant. MMC staff absent: Cindy Dulaney, Acute Care Director of Nursing.

The following departmental reports were presented to the Board: Acute Care Nursing, SNF/ICF Nursing, Rural Health Clinic, COO/Human Resources, and CFO.

Nursing home residents, their family members and staff will enjoy a Thanksgiving feast Nov. 20. The residents’ Christmas party will be Dec. 14, beginning at 11a.m. Musical entertainment will be provided by the Good Old Boys and the Punches Family. As a fund raiser, the nursing home residents recently completed a cookbook, which they will begin selling Dec. 1. A contest to name the cookbook raised $47. The name that was chosen for the book is A Taste of the Past and Present. Plans are being made to begin having an “Angel Walk” service for nursing home residents who pass away, to give other residents an opportunity to pay their respects.

Lisa Twidwell expressed thanks to Pinecrest Camp for donating a new housekeeping/laundry cart to MMC.

MMC employees participated in FreakyTown Nov. 1, and they will represent the hospital at the FHS Career Fair Nov. 19. MMC information and give-away items are included in the Cordial Caravan Welcome packets given to newlyweds, new parents, and those who are new to the community. MMC employees help deliver meals for the Senior Center every Wednesday. Carol Hyatt, Director of Physician Practices, is a Sheltered Workshop board member. Cindy Dulaney, Acute Care DON, is a volunteer at the Domestic Violence Shelter. Jennifer Penuel, COO, is a Chamber of Commerce ambassador, and Jeff Stackle is a Chamber of Commerce board member.

The Board approved Christmas bonuses for both full and part time employees. Reimbursement of expenses from attending the MHA convention for Ruth Ann Skaggs was approved by the Board. The Board also approved proceeding with renovations of the Cardinal Hills hallway in the nursing home.

The Board approved the appointment of Robyn L. Haithcock, Sr., D.O., a gastroenterologist, to MMC’s consulting staff. The reappointment of Ashalatha Tatineny, M.D., an EMC E.R. physician, was also approved.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees will Dec. 10, at 9:30 a.m. in the Dr. Slaughter Memorial Building.

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