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Warning Signs

We are often reminded by brochures, television ads, newspaper articles, or stories from friends of the “warning signs” that occur when one is experiencing some sort of physical change in their bodies.

All of us know our bodies well enough that when we are feeling different or unusual, we need to take notice. So was the fact for me a week ago when I was working around the house. Nothing earth shattering, but enough to realize I needed to get to an emergency room immediately. The ER crews went to work stat and everything turned out well. Tests were run, eyes were watchful and discerning, and all I need to do is make some minor adjustments in my lifestyle, but I am doing fine.

Communities, states, nations, and families quite often see and know the “warning signs” of advancing problems, but either because of the lack of knowledge, or refusal to pay attention to them, they continue on with life as usual and the end result is disastrous. Physical, mental, or sexual abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, pornography, bullying, and a blatant disregard for God’s laws and instructions are all examples of why we are where we are. Things happen as a result of our disobedience to the laws or our willful insistence upon having our own ways. Quite often we become complacent and disregard what our Heavenly Father has set before us to follow. Then we wonder why we are in the messes we are in.

Pay attention to God’s signs and instructions for yourself and your families. Follow His plan for your life and you will be what He wants you to be.

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