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Coffee house a backdrop for film

Far from the glitz of Hollywood the Bauhuas Kaffee shop in Farmington was transformed into a movie set on for an independent film by a local husband and wife film-making team recently.

Kristen and Alessio Summerfield, of Farmington, began shooting scenes for their movie, “The Audition,” on Nov. 14 at the local coffee shop. According to Kristen the film takes a look at home schooling but in a unique manner. She both wrote the script and directs the film.

“It takes a different perspective of home schooling, through the eyes of different people,” Kristen said. “It’s a surrealist piece because it never actually mentions home schooling.”

Like with many independent films, “The Audition” is a piece close to the writer’s heart … with Kristen having had experienced some of what those who are home schooled experience.

“When I was looking for a job I thought people would look at me differently and not in a good way,” Kristen said. “They think that you are really smart, but they don’t think of anything else.”

Whereas some writers struggle when writing a novel, or in this case a screenplay, Kristen said she did not have any problems writing the script.

“I wrote the story in one sitting,” she said. “But the revisions took two months.”

Even if writing was Kristen’s full-time job two months to make revisions still would not be a lot of time. But like many writers, Kristen has a full-time job in another field. She is an engineer with Doe Run Company.

“I would come home and have dinner,” Kristen said. “Then I would sit down and write during the evening.”

If writing a screenplay and filming a movie isn’t enough to make for a hectic schedule, Kristen and Alessio recently moved to Farmington from Alabama as a result of Kristen accepting her position with Doe Run. Since moving from Alabama, Alessio began a video production company, Forever an Astronaut, based out of St. Louis and is shooting Kristen’s film.

In addition to their film, Alessio also produces Feast TV, the television magazine show based on the St. Louis magazine.

“Handling Feast TV is pretty time consuming,” Alessio said. “We are shooting in St. Louis, Kansas City, Illinois and Kansas. So, as you can see, it takes a lot of time. I wanted to have editing of this film done by the end of year but best laid plans …”

According to Alessio, when the film is finished they would like to have a premier in Farmington.

“We have a couple festivals in mind in Atlanta and Birmingham,” Alessio said. “But we would love to have the premier of the film in Farmington.”

Alessio, left, and Kristen Summerfield with Bret Hoy, on right, look over the monitor while filming the independent feature

Alessio, left, and Kristen Summerfield with Bret Hoy, on right, look over the monitor while filming the independent feature “The Audition” at Bauhaus Kaffee on Nov. 14. The local film makers would like to premiere their film in Farmington if the right venue can be found. 

Filming the independent movie

Filming the independent movie “The Audition” at the Bauhaus Kaffee on Nov. 14, producer Alessio Summerfield works on the shot before filming. According to Summerfield the film should be ready for viewing by the end of the year. 

Craig Vaughn is a reporter with the Farmington Press and can be reached at 573-756-8927 or at

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