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GFWC Friday Club holds November meeting

Novemebr 21 the GFWC Friday Club met at the Presbyterian Church. The meeting began with President Margaret Miller leading the members in the pledges to the U.S. and Missouri flags. The members present were Emelita Bentinganan, Conita Follis, Linda Hogan, Reva Honea, Carolyn Kegley, Margaret Miller, Radha Rao, Betty Schmale, Nenita Talaban and Janet Ward.

Radha Rao gave a devotional titled “thanks” which reminded members to give thanks for all their blessings and never take them for granite. the minutes and treasurer’s report were approved as read.

Margaret Miller shared received correspondence from Missouri Girls Town, the Salvation Army and the Quest Club. The club voted to send a monetary donation to Girls Town to help with a much needed new roof. Friday Club also sent a monetary donation to the Salvation Army. The club voted to join with the Quest Club to fund the purchases of shoes for students in need of them in our local schools. The Friday Club will also decorate a pole in the downtown area again this holiday season.

The guest speaker was the 9th District GFWC President, Judy Guftason from St. Genevieve. Judy gave a very informative over view of GFWC clubs history. The General Federation of Women’s Club’s was federated in 1890. One of the projects of GFWC clubs was starting most of the libraries in the United States, including our local Madison County Library. They also crusaded in the 1960s for seat belts to be required in cars. On GFWC’s 75th anniversary they were awarded a U.S. postage stamp. In the 1990s they worked for the Violence Against Women Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act. After 9/11 GFWC clubs contributed $180,000 toward the purchase of a replacement New York City Fire District Ambulance when they lost theirs in the aftermath of the Twin Tower attack.

The meeting ended with the members thanking the hostesses, Linda Hogan and Reva Honea for the delicious carrot cake, spiced tea and fresh fruit. Members recited the club collect and were reminded of the next meeting Dec. 19 at 10:30 at Shirley Gaines home with members bringing finger foods.

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