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Group donates 30 turkeys for Thanksgiving

The Ozark Mountain Gobblers Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) recently donated 30 turkeys to the Arcadia Valley Food Pantry (AVFP), the Ste. Marie du Lac food pantry and the Buford Bottom Food Pantry in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

On had to make the donation were Martha Gibbs, AVFP; Robert Dettmer, NWTF past president; Barbara Herman, Ste. Marie du Lac representative; Kenny Sherrill, Ozark Mountain Gobblers secretary; Tony Cole, NWTF past president; Austin Cole, NWTF member; Steve Boatwright, NWTF members; Shirley Pennington, AVFP manager; Billy Barton, state conservationist agent and NWTF member; Bud Newhouse, NWTF treasurer; and Richard Neighbors, Burford Bottom Food Pantry.

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