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To The Thieves:


To the theives who stole from storage sheds on highway 8.

You may have stolen our tools but you will not steal our Christmas joy. My hope is that you would feel compelled to return them but if not I hope they bring you the blessings you need. I at times work two or more jobs to make sure my family is well cared for. I also keep all of families and many of our friends vehicles road worthy. Those tools were my livelihood so they should be of great use to you.

I also pray that they will help you find Jesus this Christmas season and realize that he provides for all of your needs. He has helped me get over the anger and bitterness that most would feel after this. He has made me realize that they are just objects and can be replaced over time. The real joy of this season cannot be taken by you or anyone else. Again I wish you blessings. But know that if you had asked for help and if you still ask I would be the first one there to assist. Merry Christmas and God bless.

A voice crying out in the wilderness

Jason Hawkins

Park Hills

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