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Dear Editor,

The American people for the past six years have been buying guns and ammo in record numbers. If Barack Hussein Obama has been so good for America, why are the American people arming themselves to protect themselves against further socialistic policies that Obama has openly promoted and embraced in order to destroy free market enterprise and capitalism? Free market enterprise and capitalism have made this country the most free and wealthy nation ever seen in this world. Obviously Obama does not like to see you free and wealthy. However Obama doesn’t mind Muslims to be free and wealthy and has done everything in six years to put this nation in more bondage to the Muslim oil cartels in Middle East.

If you enjoy more bondage and more poverty than by all means vote for Politian’s like Obama and his political friends who do not like the “Founding Fathers” and the U.S Constitution they gave us to protect us from all, both domestic and foreign who would endeavor to destroy us by destroying our Constitution!

Ed Stewart

Lesterville, Mo.

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