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How to Choose a Paint Store

Paint is one of the best ways to update the look of your house without breaking your budget.

A coat of fresh paint on the walls can change the atmosphere quickly and easily. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, finding a great paint store is a key part of the process.

Keep these aspects in mind when choosing a paint store.


You can choose from an enormous variety of paint colors and textures. Oil-based and latex paints are available in a wide range of finishes and compositions.

They are also available in different grades. Cheaper paint may be thinner, messier and harder to apply than its thicker, premium competitor. You will also have to determine if you want to work with a primer. Some brands require specific primer, while other brands have products that are “paint and primer in one.”

A good paint store will have far more than just one line of products. They will stock paint designed for concrete floors, industrial paints that can withstand certain temperatures or chemicals, paints that will reduce mold growth.

It may seem overwhelming, but more choices will give you a better results and hold up over time. Knowing your specific priorities and considerations will help guide you toward the right paint for your project.


Don’t be afraid of getting expert advice. Even the most experienced housepainters sometimes need guidance.

That’s where a quality paint store comes in.

Not only will the best stores sell good products, they will also have staff people who are ready to offer suggestions and recommendations for your particular situation. They are very knowledgeable about their products.

They should also offer tips on how to apply the paint. You can spend money on high-end paint products, but applying them incorrectly will give you terrible results.

The paint store you choose should be able to offer you expert advice on all aspects of your project, from product selection to prep work and clean-up.


With so many color and style selections, a good paint store can offer design advice for getting the look you want.

When it comes to paint, there are endless possibilities, and the best paint store staff will help you navigate through the selections. They will know the latest style trends and offer recommendations for color palettes that work well together. If you bring them a fabric swatch, they should be able to create a duplicate color in paint.

Choosing the right paints and accessories takes experience and — quite often — some trial and error. Be certain to get prices for mixing sample colors up front. Don’t be afraid to put small quantities of these sample colors on your walls to test out your design. Once you’ve selected the right colors, go back to the store to purchase larger quantities of the paints to complete your project.

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