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Men’s Softball Tournament, league results

Pre Season Tournament results

Trackside Hardwoods over The A Team 21-1

Patton Softball over St Michaels 14-13

Penuel over Got the Runs 17-2

Cap America over The Rage 12-2

Trackside Hardwoods over Penuel 19-12

Cap America over Patton Softball 24-12

3rd Place Game: Patton Softball over Penuel 22-15

Championship Game: Cap America over Trackside 27-12

May 5 Church/Men’s League results

Got the Runs over The A Team 21-1

The Rage over St. Michaels 18-10

Cap America over The A Team 17-0

Trackside over St. Mchaels 25-19

Cap America over Patton Softball 14-11

Penuel over Trackside 14-4

Patton Softball over Got the Runs 16-13

Penuel over The Rage 13-7

May 12 Church/Men’s League results

Cap America over St. Michaels 18-3

Trackside over The A Team 30-1

St. Michaels over Patton Softball 25-21

Trackside over Got the Runs 19-12

Patton Softball over The Rage 18-2

Got the Runs over Penuel 8-7

Cap America over The Rage 25-12

Penuel over The A Team 20-8

May 19 Church/Men’s League results

The A Team over St. Michaels 21-10

Cap America over Trackside 16-14

Got the Ruins over St. Michaels 19-7

Trackside over Patton Softball 20-14

Got the Runs over The Rage 10-7

Patton Softball over Penuel 20-4

The Rage over The A Team 17-16

Cap America over Penuel 18-9

Church/Men’s League May 26  Results

Trackside Hardwoods over The Rage  20-7

Patton Softball over The A Team    19-5

St Michaels over The Rage 14-2

Got the Runs over The A Team 12-5

Penuel over St Michaels  12-9

Cap America over Got the Runs   24-6

Trackside Hardwoods over Penuel   13-1

Cap America over Patton Softball   21-13

Church/Men’s League Standings

 Cap America (Calvary)  8-0

Trackside Hardwoods  6-2         

Got the Runs   5-3

Patton Softball 4-4

Penuel   4-4

St Michaels   2-6

The Rage       2-6

The A Team   1-7

Women’s League May 27  Results

Cap America over 38 Special        NA

Bucktoothed Beavers over Cap America    9-8

Carquest/American Legion over New Era Bank   18-10

Cap America over Carquest/American Legion   10-4

Coed Adult Softball League May 29  Results

Mills Construction over Country Mart      12-3

Mills Construction over Cut Rite 16-1

Country Mart over Misfits     18-9

Misfits over MCSW   36-2

Swingers over Tri Hard Softball  29-3

Swingers over MCSW       16-2

Tri Hard Softball over Auto Plaza Ford  18-3

Cut Rite over Auto Plaza Ford   13-12

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