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Banners feature students’ winning designs

The light poles in downtown Farmington are adorned with new floral prints as a result of collaborated art show between the city and the Mineral Area Council on the Arts. 

In a recent art contest open to local K-12 students, budding artists were given only one direction – the banners must have a floral theme. Although this was its inaugural year for the contest, the selection committee received more than 200 entries.  

“The selection committee had a difficult time selecting the 22 winners,” said Danielle Basler, executive director for Mineral Area Council on the Arts. “The winning artists are great representatives of the broad range of talent and creativity present among our students.”

The winning artists include Chelsie Coplin, 7, Park Hills; Emalee Fortner, 7, Bonne Terre; Isaiah Thorpe, 7, Desloge; Brayden Chilton, 7, Bonne Terre; Reese Worthington, 8, Bonne Terre; Kyree Bassett, 9, Farmington; Jonah Hagerty, 10, Farmington; Carson McClanahan, 10, Farmington; Jade Davis, 10, Park Hills; Kaylee Grogan, 11, Farmington; Alayna Sparr, 11, Farmington; Emma Crites, 12, Farmington; Kylee Wolff, 12, Farmington; Emma Lively, 12, Farmington; Lila Humphrey, 13, Farmington; Payton Cole, 13, Bismarck; Annie Varhalla, 13, Farmington; Kayla Orth, 13, Bismarck; Abby Peters, 14, Park Hills; Arisa Goodman, 14, Bismarck; Sydney Horton, 16, Bismarck; and Haley Anderson, 16, Bismarck.

According to Basler, the banners will remain on display throughout the summer.

For more information about Mineral Area Council on the Arts, contact Danielle Basler at 573-518-2125 or

The artwork of Alayna Sparr, 11, of Farmington is found on one of the

The artwork of Alayna Sparr, 11, of Farmington is found on one of the “Art Blooms” banners in downtown Farmington. Sparr was one of 22 students whose artwork was chosen in the city of Farmington and Mineral Area Council on the Arts contest for new banners in the downtown area. More than 200 entries were received. The banners will be featured throughout the summer.

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