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Sunny Sunday, rainy Monday

We had a beautiful Sunday with a good church service. Now this is Monday morning- very cloudy and has been raining again. Looks like its set for the day. The gardens around and about have all been looking so pretty, now the weeds will take over.

We are so glad to have our pastor Bro. Bob McKinney and Sister Pat back in church with us. They were back last Sunday too. They’ve been absent for about two months. He is doing much better. Has to use a walker, but we can thank God for those walkers. Sister Pat has a broken bone in the top of her foot, which isn’t healing like it should, but us women know how things goes. A woman just puts a lot of miles on her body in a days time, trying to keep up with everything and we all know she goes in a run all the time. Keep them in your prayers.

We were all glad to have Grover and Betty Vance in church with us Sunday. They live up above Ironton somewhere. Bro. Grover played his guitar and sang a couple of specials for us. Thanks, we all enjoyed that. Come again.

Sorry to read in the paper about the passing of Dale Hinkle of Piedmont. He was a brother of Pete Hinkle out C Highway. My sympathy to all. May God Bless.

Don and Kay Gwoodz from Houston Texas came up to spend a few days with parents Pete and Pat William. They weren’t near the terrible floods in Texas. That is so sad and heartbreaking. I haven’t watched but very little of it. It just makes my heart ache. I’m glad Kay and Don weren’t near it and we were glad to have them in church, along with Pete and Pat Sunday.

We were also glad to have Wanda Russell back with us last Sunday. She’s been gone for about three months or longer. She fell, back during the really cold weather breaking several bones and still isn’t completely healed and able to care for herself. Keep her in your prayers.

I was sad to read in the D.N. about the passing of Irene Mitchell. She and I knew each other the most of our lives. Her late husband was my second cousin. My sympathy to her loved ones.

Happy birthday coming up to Delbert Sutton and Matthew David West. Hope you enjoy your special days.

A deputy sheriff of Iron County passed away, I am sorry to say. His funeral is today. Only 56  years of age. His name is Dave Cunningham. He was everyone’s favorite. Everyone though him the greatest. Not many people like that anymore. I’m sorry I never knew him. That cancer is no respecter of person. It takes a lot of people. My deepest sympathy goes out to his loved ones.

On Friday July 3 the Lester’s and the Chosen Ones will be in concert in the South Iron High School at Annapolis. It begins at 6 p.m. Free admission. For more information you may call 314-313-9710.

Anise Clemonds is a columnist for the Lower Crane Pond area. She can be reached at 3 Black River Hills Rd, Annapolis, MO 63620.

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