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This Friday 18 Sept. 2015 is National POW/MIA Recognition Day, this day is set aside each year to Recognize, Honor and Remember all those who have been held as Prisoners of War and all those listed as Missing in Action.

This year, more than ever, it is important that we as Americans turn out to Honor these Hero’s, as their memory has come under repeated attack. Some months ago an article was written on the East Coast calling for retirement of the POW/MIA Flag as the author stated “why should we fly a flag that only represents a few hundred Americans”. A few hundred? Really? Check your math, that Flag has come to represent 83,000+ Missing Americans from World War II forward. If you trace back to the Revolution that number is easily doubled.

Recently the call went out again for the POW/MIA Flag to be removed, only this time because it was “Racist”. Really? How can a flag that Honors Americans be they Red, White, Black, Ye! llow and Brown who all shed blood for us be Racist?

This Friday I ask all Americans to come together to Honor and Remember and also to speak out for these Hero’s who have no voice of their own. And to also Honor and Remember their Families who still wait for their Loved Ones return.

Joseph Cerchi, Bismarck

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