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December marks start of permanent disinfection

The city of Farmington will begin the addition of chlorine disinfectant to it water system on a permanent basis beginning the month of December. Residents may notice a slight odor of chlorine n their water during the disinfection process. The chlorine will be added to the system at, or below, the recommended safe levels for potable water consumption.

Permanent disinfection of the water system is being performed to ensure the safety of the users of the water system. Recent bacteriological tests have indicated the presence of bacteria in the water system. These bacteria are not known to be harmful if consumed in drinking water; however, its presence indicates a condition which may allow harmful bacteria to grow if it were present.

Further tests indicate that the water supplied from the city’s 14 deep aquifer wells is uncontaminated; therefore, the source of the contamination is somewhere in the water distribution system.

City officials acknowledge the change to the water system may cause odor and taste issues, but they believe this step to be necessary to ensure the safety of the customers.

Contact the Public Works office at 756-0608 for any questions or concerns.

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