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Star Wars versus Christmas

Sometimes I think I’ve probably heard it all before, but this week I heard about a new twist on the birth of Jesus.

It’s a Cosmic Christmas based on the Star Wars theme. No shepherds, no angels, no wise men, no Mary or Joseph. Instead, Lela, Chewbacha, R2D2, storm troopers, and all the rest of the characters are invading some churches in order to attract attention!

Oh I’m certain these churches will attract huge crowds, excite throngs of people, and provide much entertainment for the people. Their sets, costumes, giveaways, and autograph sessions will have people lined up for hours waiting to wowed. This to me is much like retailers pushing the Black Friday sales, taking the emphasis of Thanksgiving away and more towards personal gratification.

But I pray through all of this, the true meaning of Christ’s birth will prevail and that lives will be touched. We must remember that God is not someone whom we can force to bend to meet our desires or needs. He is the Creator of the universe who willingly gave His Son that we might have eternal life. I guess I’m old fashioned, but when I see children dressed as shepherds, young people dressed as wise men, angels and others in programs proclaiming the birth of Jesus, it brings the entire message of God’s love for this world to a realistic level. A man and woman who obeyed the law by traveling to a town to pay their taxes when she was pregnant and about to deliver! How shepherds minding their flocks saw angels and were drawn to go find the babe. Wise men from afar came bearing gifts to give the child and His family. Talk about an orchestrated production! And God brought it all together.

None of these people were Hollywood characters. They were real individuals, living everyday life that God used to touch the rest of the world.

Audrey B. Unruh is a local columnist, who can be reached at

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