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April 18, 2016 the Madison County Commission met with the following members present: Presiding Commissioner Bob Mooney, First District Commissioner Tom Stephens, and Second District Commissioner Jim Thompson. County Clerk Don Firebaugh recorded the proceedings.


Road and Bridge Supervisor Gregg Pruett reported that a single axle dump truck has been repaired and the department will continue patching blacktop on county roads.

They will also be grading gravel roads this week. He said the steel plates are being fabricated to repair the bridge on CR 504. It was downgraded to a 22 ton load limit by MODOT recently. Pruett said they are also planning to replace a culvert on CR 313. Several residents have called the Commissioners thanking the Road and Bridge department for taking care of their roads.


E-911 director Katy McCutcheon said a dispatcher terminated her employment last week. She said because of security reasons, the recording machine in the department needs to be upgraded. Dittronics will lease a machine to the county.


Ivan Kranjec reported good progress is being made on his properties being developed in the TIF district. He said he is working closely with the engineer and contractor. The contractor wants to complete most of the project while he is on site.


Proposition 1 to build an ADA compliant courthouse failed by the voters at the General Municipal Election April 5, 2016. 76.24 percent voted NO and 23.76 percent voted YES. Voter turnout was 23.55 percent of the registered voters in the county. If passed, the one-half cent sales would have provided approximately $6 million to be used to build the courthouse with a ending date of 20 years.

The three Commissioner’s attended the University of Missouri Extension Council meeting last week.

Commissioner Stephens looked at some District One county roads for needed repairs and visited the Road and Bridge department. He also met with a TIF developer.

Commissioner Thompson talked to MODOT and the Department of Conservation again concerning the Bradford pear invasion on CR 417. He also checked on the Road and Bridge Department, the E-911 Department and checked on some bridges in District Two.

Presiding Commissioner Mooney attended a Transportation Advisory Committee meeting in Perryville. He had a conference call with the Emergency Shelter and Food Committee and another conference call with the Work Ready Communities board.

Presiding Commissioner Mooney, Commissioner Thompson, County Clerk Don Firebaugh, and Dennis Ward attended the Missouri Association of Counties Legislative Conference last week in Jefferson City.

Several legislators discussed important issues facing Missouri residents across the state this year and in future years. Governor Jay Nixon thanked all the county officials for representing their counties and gave a brief history of recent endeavors and future hopes for Missouri. He feels the state can be very competitive as a tourism state and industrial shipping hub and wants to help assure the infrastructure is in place.

Rep. Denny Hoskins, House Speaker Pro Tem, talked about the current disadvantage Missouri auto dealers face with the current use tax on out of state purchases. All entities that receive the use tax from such sales can lose the tax money at a later date if the proposal is not passed by the voters.

Senator Wayne Wallingford from the 27th Senatorial District discussed the E-911 tax issue. Missouri is the only state that has no tax on cell phones and devices. Currently land lines pay a tax that goes to E-911 services and more and more people are dropping them in favor of cell phones. Some counties in Missouri don’t have 911 service because there is no way to pay for the service. Some counties have passed a tax for E-911 service, but most counties have not.

Rep. Tom Flanagan, House Budget Chair talked about the complicated process of getting the fiscal year budget through both the House and Senate and on to the Governor with final approval.

House Speaker Todd Richardson presented his ideas on the job as a state representative and why they serve to represent the people who sent them to serve.

Sen. Brian Munzlinger talked briefly about whether or not counties could ever afford to raise elected officials salaries and perhaps reform the current law.

Sen. Doug Libla, Senate Transportation Committee discussed the current conditions of Missouri highways and bridges, how the infrastructure of both highways, roads and bridges are becoming unsafe, becoming impassable at times, and trying a find a way to generate revenue to start improving and repairing.

Rep. Sue Entlicher, Chairman of House Elections Committee and Rep. Pat Conway, House Elections Committee discussed why the state needs to pay a proportional cost of elections because of the constant mandates put on the ballot by the state. Counties only receive proportional reimbursement for state elections held in odd numbered years and cost of the Presidential Preference election held every four years in the even numbered year. The August Primary which has all county, state, and federal positions on the ballot and the General election held in November with the winners in August, the President of the United States and any propositions or amendments by the state put on that ballot are being paid for by the county. The County Clerks and Elections Authority Association are asking for help from the state with paying its proportional cost in all elections and the two above are helping.

Aramark Uniform Company was present to discuss an upcoming contract that is due for Road and Bridge uniforms and mat service for the courthouse and the Sheriff’s department. Another company wants to bid and a decision will be made at a later date.


Accounts payable were presented to the Commission for approval and payment.

Additions and abatements of personal property was presented for approval by the Commission.

A total decrease of $11,500 in assessed value of real property was subtracted from the county value this month.

Commissioner Stephens made a motion to approve paying the accounts and approving the real estate abatement. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Thompson. The motion carried by vote.


No further business was transacted on April 18. Mooney adjourned the open meeting at 11:30 a.m.

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