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FHS Choral competes at state competition

Congratulations to the following choral students for their tremendous work at the MSHSAA State Solo and Ensemble Festival on April 30 on the campus of the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Students receiving an Exemplary “1” rating (the highest possible rating) included:

Vocal Solo: Sam Gallaher, Christon Hahn, Lauren Moffit, Jordan Duncan, Christy Zarcone and Corben Crites.

Vocal Ensembles: Mixed Double Quartet-Christon Hahn, Moira Kurtz, Sarah Ross, Madi Guthrie, Michael Breier, Jordan Duncan, Mason Harrington and Baily Austin; Mixed Double Quartet-Lauren Moffit, Abi Carter, Christy Zarcone, Valeria Schwent, Willy Standiford, Zach White, Corben Crites and Dawson Thomas; Men’s Double Quartet-Michael Breier, Jordan Duncan, Sam Gallaher, Zach White, Mason Harrington, Ben Pepers, Corben Crites and Bailey Austin; Women’s Miscellaneous Ensemble-Lauren Moffit, Alayna Berry, Hayley Crites, Christon Hahn, Madi Gutherie, Valeria Schwent, Christy Zarcone and Sarah Ross.

Students receiving an Outstanding “2” rating included:

Vocal Solo: Baily Austin and Michael Breier.

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