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Local alderman’s roof collapses during storms

A local alderman’s home was heavily damaged Wednesday night during evening storms after his roof collapsed and his home was flooded.

Leadwood Alderman Donald “Pete” Hackworth said he has been so busy trying to figure out what he is going to do.

“We took on almost four inches of water when the roof collapsed,” said Hackworth. “I had a prior leak and had sealed it, but I guess there was too much weight on a low area with a long span and it gave away. It is a mess and there is nothing we can do with it.”

Hackworth said his wife, daughters and granddaughter were in the home when it happened and he was at work at the time.

“We have been in and out and are trying to salvage what we can of it,” said Hackworth. “My insurance just isn’t going to cover the damage. It’s a hard hit if you don’t have storm damage insurance and you’re out of luck. There was some kind of mix up and the only thing covered are the contents of the home, not the home itself.”

Hackworth said that is a whole other mess. He said they were supposed to have homeowner’s insurance, but they were classified as renter’s insurance.

“Somehow or somewhere it got changed up and I didn’t know anything about it until recently,” said Hackworth. “They told us we had renters and they wanted to know who the landlord was. I said I didn’t have a landlord, I have owned this place for 15 years. They are going to try and do what they can to help. I feel I do have a pretty good insurance company and maybe they can work something out. I am still waiting on calls back from them.”

Hackworth said right now they are just trying to get stuff done and figure out what they are going to do. He said he doesn’t know if they are going to tear the house down and put something else there or not.

“We are going to stay at my daughter’s house in Desloge for a few days until we figure out what we can do and what we can’t do,” said Hackworth. “My wife has had breast cancer two times in the last five years … We just have to deal with things as we get it, it’s like every other working person, we live payday to payday.”

Hackworth said in light of everything, he is part of a really good board of aldermen. They have all come by and asked him if there was something they could help with.

“They helped last night, we were out here after dark trying to put a makeshift roof over the hole to try and keep water out of it,” said Hackworth. “It’s just one of those things.”

Hackworth added he is the police commissioner and is able to work with a really good group of officers. Hackworth said they do a job and they don’t paid a whole lot, but if you are nice to them, they are going to be nice to you.

Leadwood Police Chief Tim Hansen said Hackworth is at the police station a couple of times a week asking how he can help them out with raising money.

“In my absence he and a few other officers went to the Dave’s Market opening in my place just to show support from the police department,” said Hansen. “Any time the police officers need him, he is only a phone call away. As of right now, with him being our police liaison he is doing a stellar job and how ever we can help him with his problem we are going to do it.”

Hansen said it’s very unfortunate that this happened to him. He added Hackworth has been the one helping them to try and raise money for community policing.

“He has been in here trying to find out what we are doing new and seeing how he can help us out,” said Hansen. “So now, I think we are going to have to gear a little more towards him now because he needs us.”

Hackworth said just as an example of the officers he has worked with, on Mother’s Day they went around and handed out Mother’s Day cards.

“They pulled one lady over and they told her she had a light out and asked her to please get it fixed,” said Hackworth. “After he checked her license and insurance, he handed her a Mother’s Day card and told her to have a nice day. Then they drove through town and saw women out and knocked on doors. They handed out around 25 cards that day. I’ve got a good bunch of officers over here and I respect everything they do and they respect me.”

A gofundme account, “Hackworth home fund,” has been set up by their daughter to help raise money to help them get back on their feet.

A makeshift roof is in place in an attempt to save some contents of the home. Nearly four inches of water built up in the home.

A makeshift roof is in place in an attempt to save some contents of the home. Nearly four inches of water built up in the home.

Leadwood Alderman Pete Hackworth's home was damaged during Wednesday storms when his roof collapsed, flooding the home.

Leadwood Alderman Pete Hackworth’s home was damaged during Wednesday storms when his roof collapsed, flooding the home.

The roof at Leadwood Alderman Pete Hackworth's house collapsed during Wednesday's storms and damaged most of the contents inside.

The roof at Leadwood Alderman Pete Hackworth’s house collapsed during Wednesday’s storms and damaged most of the contents inside.

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