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Six ‘pound pups’ and four cats seek new homes this week

A dog at the Desloge Pound; a dog at the Farmington Pound; two dogs at the Park Hills Pound; a cat at the Bonne Terre Pound; and two dogs and three cats at the Fredericktown Pound are seeking their owners or new homes where they can be loved and cared for.

Desloge Pound

573-431-3700 / Ask for Animal Control

— Male Beagle mix is friendly and playful.

Farmington Pound


— Female tan mix is small, approximately 2-3 years old and weighs 20 pounds. She’s a sweet and friendly dog.

Park Hills Pound


— Male Chihuahua / dachshund mix is adorable and friendly.

— Female black and white hound mix is looking for a loving home.

Bonne Terre Pound


— Black cat is scared in animal control but not at all aggressive.

Fredericktown Pound

573-783-3660, Option 4

— Male Rottweiler mix needs a home. This big guy is super friendly and loving. He thinks he’s a lap dog.

— Male brindle Terrier mix is adorable, medium-sized and friendly.

— Female black cat is friendly and mother to the kittens below.

— Eight-week-old kittens — one black and white, the other black — are sweet and friendly.

To give owners the opportunity to claim them, dogs and cats are kept for seven days at the Park Hills and Farmington Pounds; and five days at the Desloge and Leadwood pounds. After that, they are eligible for adoption or euthanasia. There are no adoption fees, but rescuers are required by the Missouri Department of Agriculture to sign a spay / neuter / vaccination commitment.

Contact other pounds listed for their adoption policies and fees.

Sometimes space does not allow for every pound pup photo to be published and animals not featured in this story may also be available for adoption.

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