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Matthew 1:23… Call His name “Emmanuel,” which being interpreted is “God with us.”

If we believe God is all powerful, can’t we believe He is able to preserve His message to people? He said though Heaven and Earth will pass away, His word will endure forever. I believe that.

The entire Bible carries the theme of Jesus, who He is, how He came to be, why He came, what He did and taught while He was here and what He is going to do before Earth-time ends.

I doubt if anyone knows everything about the Bible, but some things we can know for sure. I know God is real because He has done a work inside of me and I am not the person I used to be.

I have been “reborn” and began a new life. Furthermore, God has spoken to me twice and has healed me twice also; one time when I prayed for Him to give me relief for one day, He healed me forever of my disease. That happened in 2006. Then when I had my brain-swelling episode, He came to me. I was very discouraged and He told me I was going to be all right. I can’t remember some of the things that happened back then (2013), but I’ll never forget my visit from God, and I am living proof that God keeps His Word.

This doesn’t mean we will always be healed, for “it is appointed to man once to die,” before we can move to our eternal home in Heaven. But, God loves us while we’re here and showers many blessings on us. He helps us through, for as long we’re on the journey that He has alloted us time for. God tells us that life after our Earth-time is over will be worth whatever we have to deal with while we’re here. I can’t imagine how things are going to be, but I certainly believe it will happen, just like He has it planned. Neither do I limit God’s mercy to me to those times. I thank Him any and every time I and my family are healed or spared from anything, for all good things come from God.

God also sends the Holy Spirit to live within and with us and there is no telling how much He provides as we live our lives.

Sure, some things are hard for us to imagine or understand. But God knows what we need help with and I don’t believe He will hold back anything that we need to know. He is always there to help us.

Jennie is a long-time resident of Fredericktown, an eclectic gatherer of stories, information, and experiences to share with whoever would like to read them. She can be reached at 573-783-6721 or by mail at 2040 Hwy 00; Fredericktown, MO 63645

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