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DAR holds October meeting

The Capt. Henry Whitener Chapter NSDAR held their October meeting at the Ozark Regional Library.

Regent Claudia Horne called the meeting to order. DAR Ritual, pledge to the Flag of the United States of America, other pledges, American’s Creed, National Anthem and the President General’s Message were read.

There were a number of items on the agenda for discussion and decisions rendered. Some tabled for further discussion. Special Committee Reports were given.

As part of a program Regent Horne gave detailed information on the “Star Spangled Banner.” For instance: Congress voted against making it our national anthem forty times, several songs used as anthem before, Susza was the noted composer who helped standardize the presentation of the song, etc. An added note was “How is the flag like Santa Claus? (They both hang out at the Pole).

The National Theme this year is “Moving forward in Service to America! Our State theme is “Three CHEERS for Service to America!”

The next meeting will be Nov. 21 at the Library, for a program on “Bee keeping” at 1 p.m. Visitors are welcome, and if you need help in proving DAR ancestry we’ll try and assist you. For further information you can call 573-783-8592.

DAR Regent Claudia Horne shares facts regarding the

DAR Regent Claudia Horne shares facts regarding the “Star Spangled Banner.”

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