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New materials in the Ozark Regional Library System

If you don’t see it at your local branch, ask your librarian to order it for you (or you can go to our online catalog and place a hold on the item yourself). Remember, a library card is free!


• Bronte, Charlotte, Villette

• Brunstetter, Wanda E. and Jean Brunstetter. The Selfless Act

• Caine, Rachel. Ink and Bone (The Great Library)

• Cato, Beth. Breath of Earth

• Cantore, Anice. Drawing Fire (Cold Case Justice)

• Defoe, Daniel. Robinson Crusoe

• Ellis, Mary. Magnolia Moonlight (Secrets of the South)

• Estevao, Jessica. Whispers Beyond the Veil

• Gordon, Alexa. Murder in G Major

• Grisham, John. The Whistler

• Hannah, Sophie. Agatha Christie—Closed Casket

• Kingsbury, Karen. A Baxter Family Christmas

• Lake, Deryn. Death at the Boston Tea Party: A John Rawlings Mystery

• O’Hara, John. Butterfield 8

• Parr, Delia. The Midwife’s Dilemma (At Home in Trinity, 3)

• Rowland, John. Murder in the Museum

• Smith, Virginia. The Room with the Second-Best View (Tales from Goose Creek)

• Vanliere, Donna. The Christmas Town

• Wurster, Erich. The Coaster (a mystery set in Kansas City)


• Barbar, Laura (ed.) Penguin’s Poems for Life

• Ceceri, Kathy. Make: Paper Inventions

• Daugherty, James. Of Courage Undaunted: Across the Continent with Lewis and Clark Dodge, Abigail Johnson. The Weekend Baker

• Gregg, Brian Han. What Does the Bible Say about Suffering?

• Holt, Nathalia. Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women who Propelled Us, from Missiles to the Moon to Mars

• Ierley, Merritt. The Comforts of Home: The American House and the Evolution of Modern Convenience

• Lindert, Peter and Jeffrey G. Williamson. Unequal Gains: American Growth and Inequality since 1700

• Mercer, Bobby. The Robot Book: 20 Electric Gizmos, Moving Machines, and Hacked Toys

• Minnick, Fred. Bourbon: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an American Whiskey

• Mueller, Mike. Muscle Car Source Book: All the Facts, Figures, Statistics, and Production Numbers

• Nguyen, Viet Thanh. Nothing Ever Dies: Vietnam and the Memory of War

• Ovid. Metamorphoses

• Patterson, James and John Connolly. Filthy Rich: A Powerful Billionaire, the Sex Scandal that Undid Him, and All the Justice that Money Can Buy: The Shocking True Story of Jeffrey Epstein

• Patrick, Bethanne. The Books that Changed My Life: Reflections by 100 Authors, Actors, Musicians, and other Remarkable People

• Rumsey, Abby Smith. When We Are No More: How Digital Memory is Shaping our Future

• Stim, Richard. Patent, Copyright and Trademark: An Intellectual Property Desk Reference (NOLO Law Series)

• Stroud, DeJuan. Designing Life’s Celebrations

• Tallamy, Douglas W. Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants

• Walker, Danielle. Against all Grain Celebrations: A Year of Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Paleo Recipes for Every Occasion

• Walters, Angela. Shape by Shape, Collection 2: Free-Motion Quilting

• Yip, Vern. Design Wise: Your Smart Guide to a Beautiful Home

• Zahra, Tara. The Great Departure: Mass Migration from Eastern Europe and the Making of the Free World

J Fiction/Non-fiction

• Dahl, Yvind Nydal. Electronics for Kids: Play with Simple Circuits and Experiment with Electricity!

• De La Cruz, Melissa. Return to the Isle of the Lost

• Dumas, Firoozeh. It Ain’t so Awful, Falafel

• Deutsch, Barry. Hereville: How Mirka Caught a Fish

• Eldrich, Louise. Makoons

• Fitzsimons, Cecilia. All About Food: Cereals, Nuts and Spices

• Foster, Genevieve. Abraham Lincoln’s World

• Gephart, Donna. Lily and Dunkin

• Hergé. Tintin. The Calculus Affair (graphic novel)

• The Klutz Yo-Yo Book

• Lang, Robert. Origami in Action: Paper Toys that Fly, Flap, Gobble and Inflate

• Law, Ingrid. Switch

• Nytra, David. Windmill Dragons: A Leah and Alan Adventure

• O’Connell, Caitlin. Bridge to the Wild (Behind the Scenes at the Zoo)

• Parker, Steve. Skeleton (Eyewitness Books)

• Patterson, James with Chris Grabenstein. Treasure Hunter: Peril at the Top of the World

• Pearce, Jackson. Pip Bartlett’s Guide to Magical Creatures

• Twain, Mark. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

• Yomtov, Nel. Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Graphic Novel version)


• Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime

• The Great Courses: Heroes and Legends: The most Influential Characters of Literature (Professor Thomas A. Shippey, Saint Louis University)

• The Great Courses: Practicing Mindfulness (Professor Mark W. Muesse, Rhodes College)

• Layered and Fused Applique Quilts: from Fabric Scraps to Recycled Circles (with Jane LaFazio)

• The Maltese Falcon (Bogart)

• The Reckoning (Hallmark)

The Fredericktown branch of the Ozark Regional Library is located at 115 S. Main St.

The Fredericktown branch of the Ozark Regional Library is located at 115 S. Main St.

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