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Madison County voters make Missouri election history

Before last Tuesday night, there had been no record of a woman being elected sheriff in Missouri.

Now, there are two, including one here. Katy McCutcheon, won the race for Madison County Sheriff, 3,278-2,023 in the Nov. 8 General Election. Cindi Mullins was elected Saline County Sheriff on Tuesday, as well.

“When people first suggested to me that I run, I wasn’t sure if Madison County was ready for a female sheriff,” McCutcheon said.

McCutcheon began her law enforcement career in 2001, working for the Fredericktown Police Department. She became a Madison County deputy in 2005 and stayed in that position until 2013. She is currently director of the Madison County 911 Communications Center. McCutcheon is also the county’s deputy coroner. She is in her ninth year with the Cherokee Pass Volunteer Fire Department.

David Lewis served as Madison County Sheriff from January of 1997 until December of 2012. During Lewis’ 16 years in office, McCutcheon was a deputy for eight of them.

“During those eight years, she was very hungry to learn everything there was to know about running a sheriff’s department,” Lewis said. “She was involved in every aspect of the department. She is very personally committed to the citizens of this county. I’m very confident in her ability to take care of any situation. She’s very intelligent. She did a great job for me and the citizens of this county when she was working for me.”

Current Madison County Sheriff Bobby Spain said he thinks McCutcheon’s election is “a good thing.”

“I supported her after the primary,” he said. “She’s going to have some obstacles to overcome in the position. It’s been a male-dominated position in Missouri. But, I think she’ll do a good job at it.”

“I’ve dealt with those obstacles as a deputy, I’ve dealt with them as deputy coroner, and I’ve dealt with them working for the funeral home,” McCutcheon said.

She says all of the positions she’s held, except with 911, are more male-dominated.

“So I’ve heard the whole, ‘a female can’t do the job,’ but I have, and I can,” she said.

The current sheriff and the sheriff-elect both said they are cooperating to make the switch in January go smoothly.

“We’ve already spoken and we’re working on the transition right now,” Spain said.

“He’s willing to work with me to make this an easy transition, and he’s going to allow me make changes as needed to make the transition easier,” McCutcheon said.

If the employment numbers stay the same as they are now, McCutcheon will be managing a department which includes 10 deputies, three jailers, and one administrative office assistant.

“I think she’s very professional, and I think she’ll do a fine job,” Associate Circuit Judge Rob Fulton said. “My past experience working with her shows she’s level-headed and people like her.”

McCutcheon said one of her top priorities, if elected, will be to build a better working relationship among all law enforcement, medical, fire, and state agencies within the county so the citizens and even visitors of Madison County can receive the utmost protection and best possible assistance when needed.

“I didn’t run to make history,” McCutcheon said. “I never mentioned gender in my campaign. I did it for the people of this county.”

In less than two months, the first women elected sheriff in Missouri will be sworn into office.

“I’m ready to get started, ready to serve the citizens of Madison County,” McCutcheon said.

Other Madison County election results

Voters in Madison County packed the polling places in Marquand and at the National Guard Armory, Nov. 8. The General Election saw 5,422 ballots cast, representing 66.72 percent of Madison County’s 8,127 registered voters.

The City of Fredericktown’s Sales Tax proposal was defeated by a 1,088-465 margin.

In uncontested Madison County races, Tom Stephens received 2,057 votes for District I County Commissioner. Larry Kemp received 2,540 votes for District II County Commissioner. Sue Harmon Yount received 4,596 votes for County Assessor. Collin Follis received 4,552 votes for County Coroner. Douglas McFarland received 4,356 votes for County Surveyor. Carol LaChance received 4,663 votes for Public Administrator.

The rest of the races included votes from areas outside of Madison County. The following vote totals are for Madison County only:

For Circuit Judge (Circuit 24, Div. 2), Wendy Wexler Horn received 3,949 votes.

For State Representative (Dist. 145), Republican (REP) Rick Francis received 3,743 votes. Democrat (DEM) Ronald Pember received 1,177, and Constitution Party (CST) candidate Victoria Proffer received 250.

For State Senator (Dist. 27), Wayne Wallingford (REP) received 3,377 votes and Donnie Owens (DEM) received 1,751.

For U.S. House of Representatives (Dist. 8), Jason Smith (REP) received 3,684 votes, Dave Cowell (DEM) received 1,079, and Jonathan Shell (Libertarian) received 460.

For Governor, Eric Greitens (REP) received 3,405 votes and Chris Koster (DEM) received 1,707. For U. S. Senate, Roy Blunt (REP) received 3,203 votes and Jason Kander (DEM) received 1,766.

For President, Donald J. Trump (REP) received 4,102 votes, Hillary Rodham Clinton (DEM) received 1,005 votes, Gary Johnson (LIB) received 150 votes, Darrell L. Castle (CST) received 31, and Jill Stein (GRN) received 30.

For constitutional amendment 1, Madison County voted 3,639 yes and 1,546 no. Amendment 2 was 3,430 yes votes and 1,683 voting no. Amendment 3 went 3,636 no votes and 1,602 yes votes. Amendment 4 was 3,416 yes and 1,745 no. Amendment 6 was 3,609 yes votes and 1,567 voting no.

In the only contested local race in the Nov. 8 General Election, Katy McCutcheon was elected Madison County Sheriff.

In the only contested local race in the Nov. 8 General Election, Katy McCutcheon was elected Madison County Sheriff.

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