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A new year

I’m writing this on Christmas eve, since my article needs to be done earlier because of the holiday weekends.

Therefore, it is a little difficult to think about the New Year already, since we haven’t officially celebrated Christmas yet. But, like all our days, a New Year will be here before we know it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting ready for Christmas this year. It has been challenging at times like other things in life, but one learns quickly to adjust, recalculate, substitute if necessary, and go on from there. You put up decorations only to have the wind blow some of them down so you get to redo those, a strand of lights goes out after you already have them in place so once again, redo. Yet with the Christmas music playing, candles burning, and good smells coming from the kitchen, it reminds me once again how blessed we are as citizens of this great country.

My challenge to myself and everyone for 2017 is that we celebrate our blessings, work to resolve problems whether in our families, communities, or nation to make this the best year ever.

We can do this. We should do this. I truly believe it is why the Lord has allowed each of us to be on this earth at this appointed time, for the specific reason of fulfilling His great commission of spreading His love, giving His grace and mercy to others, and bringing resolutions to their fulfillment.

If you are a person who can no longer get out and participate in a physical activity, you still have the opportunity to pray, write, or call and minister in other ways. We are not here on this earth to receive, but to give. We have just given gifts to others this past Christmas, now let’s continue to give during this coming year. You may never know what a letter/note, phone call, or prayer will do for others.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to each of you, God bless you, and may we all make 2017 the best year ever!

Audrey B. Unruh is a local columnist, who can be reached at

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