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February 14, 2017 the Madison County Commission met with the following members present: Presiding Commissioner Robert (Bob) Mooney, First District Commissioner Tom Stephens and Second District Commissioner Larry Kemp. 


Road and Bridge Supervisor Gregg Pruett said the department is cleaning ditches on CR 217 and CR 219 this week. They will be installing a 50 foot culvert on CR 276 and continue grading roads and boom-axing. Tree limbs on CR 517 will be cut. Pruett said he has used the new skid steer for some jobs and it is a great asset.


The Commission met February 13, with Smith Engineering Company from Poplar Bluff along with five contractors and opened bids to build the Off Road Bridge on CR 217. The low bid of $467,698 was from Joe’s Bridge and Grading, Inc. from Poplar Bluff. The county has enough soft-match money to pay the cost.

First District Commissioner Tom Stephens checked the condition of several county roads last week. He also went to a job site to see how the road graders are performing.

Second District Commissioner Larry Kemp checked the condition of several District Two roads.

The three Commissioners attended the required County Commissioners Association meeting in Columbia. Commissioner Kemp attended the Newly Elected County Commissioners required training along with LPA Training.

Presiding Commissioner Mooney said the Commissioners attended meetings that included Off-Road (BRO) Bridge Training, Active Shooter Preparedness, Building Projects, Salary Commission training, information from the Judicial Finance Commission and Planning for Existing Roadways. Governor Eric Greitens and the State Senate Majority Floor Leader addressed the Commissioners at the conference.

Commissioner Mooney also attended the County Commissioner’s Board meeting while there.

Commissioner Mooney attended the local Quest Club meeting last week and presented information on current and future Madison County industrial and economic developments.


John R. Francis requested the minutes from the June 6, 2016 Community Improvement District be clarified. The County Clerk asked permission from Francis to include his entire letter in this week’s minutes with approval from the Commission. They approved publishing the letter in this week’s minutes in its entirety as shown below:

“This communication is yet another attempt to insure the minutes of the Public Hearing held on June 6, 2016 are corrected concerning aspects to its historical correctness. The Hearing concerned an attempt to establish a “Community Improvement District” in the Community of Cherokee Pass, in Madison County, Missouri. As I recall…that forum was in session for two (2) hours or more and covered many facets of discussion. Mostly, the specific discussions were later covered in vastly generalized terms, in the official minutes, thus losing its historical significance.”

“One matter that was addressed extensively was the necessity/propriety of establishing another level of Government that would be an addendum to and an additional arm of the County Commission, as it currently exists. Exhibits for the proposal gave its Directors near Dictatorial Authority over a vast array of subjects such as financial matters, property rights, property assessments, taxing authority’ imminent domain actions etc., etc. This disturbed many! During the discussion most were vehemently against the initiative and proposed an alternative course of action that (many thought and still think) would better serve and correct a sewage problem in Cherokee Pass. Keep it on a Community Co-operative basis. It could be done cheaper and faster if achieved on a community basis, with grants and other financial tools and thus not change government to solve a sewage problem! It was at that juncture I made a commitment to contribute $500.00 toward the effort…”IF ATTEMPTS TO ESTABLISH A COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT IN CHEROKEE PASS WAS DISCONTINUED!”

“Minutes/historical records should be formulated to encompass this information.”


Madison County Sheriff Katy McCutcheon reported some of the changes she is making in the department to enhance the accountability of property and effectiveness of the workforce. Wendell Ballew was appointed the jail administrator.


Accounts payable were presented for approval and payment. Commissioner Stephens made a motion to approve the accounts payable. The motion was seconded by Commission Kemp. The motion carried.

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