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Adult softball results May 23 – June 2

Men’s League

May 23

Patton Softball over Angry Pandas 13-9

Camp Penuel over American Pride 13-4

Angry Pandas over Bearded Bandits 24-23

Cap America over Camp Penuel 31-19

Ward’s Farm Ctr/Dr Vinyl over Bearded Bandits 17-15

Cap America over Trackside Hardwoods 24-6

Patton Softball over Ward’s Farm Ctr/Dr Vinyl 15-0

American Pride over Trackside Hardwoods 19-14

May 30

Camp Penuel over Ward’s Farm Ctr/Dr Vinyl 26-4

Cap America over Patton Softball 22-8

Angry Pandas over Ward’s Farm Ctr/Dr Vinyl 19-4

Patton Softball over Bearded Bandits 20-9

Trackside Hardwoods over Angry Pandas 19-6

American Pride over Bearded Bandits 23-8

Camp Penuel over Trackside Hardwoods 21-14

Cap America over American Pride 15-8


Camp Penuel 7-1

American Pride 5-3

Cap America 7-1

Trackside Hardwoods 4-4

Patton Softball 5-3

Wards Farm Center/Dr Vinyl 2-6

Angry Pandas 2-6

Bearded Bandits 0-8

Women’s League

Cap America over New Era Bank 17-2

Bucktoothed Beavers over New Era Bank 13-6

Cap America over Newbs and Goobs 15-4

Bucktoothed Beavers over Newbs and Goobs 15-8


Cap America 2-0

Bucktoothed Beavers 2-0

New Era Bank 0-2

Newbs and Goobs 0-2

Coed League

Justin Hall over Brotherton Motors/City Glass 11-5

Mavericks over Sutton & Sons Sawmill 15-0

Brotherton Motors over Lalos Mexican GrillY-Nots 15-14

Justin Hall over Lalos Mexican Grill/Y-Nots 19-5

Sutton & Sons Sawmill over Bomb Squad 10-7

Mavericks over Bomb Squad 23-1


Mavericks 2-0

Justin Hall 2-0

Sutton & Sons Sawmill 1-1

Brotherton Motors/City Glass 1-1

Lalos Mexican Grill/Y-Nots 0-2

Bomb Squad 0-2

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