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Man jailed after threats made

Charges have just been filed against a local man after police say he made several threats to bomb the police station in March.

James Lee Huskey, 35, of Richwoods, is charged with a class D felony of making a terrorist threat for frightening 10 or more people with bomb threats.

According to a probable cause statement, Huskey called Washington County Central Dispatch on March 5. In the recording Huskey said “tell your guys to back the f*** off.” Huskey also said he was being serious and they needed to leave him alone. Huskey said he was former marine and he knew martial arts. He told the dispatchers he was a deadly weapon.

Huskey said he could be lying or telling the truth that he might have six sticks of dynamite fire. He said he was in the heart of Potosi and they needed to back off. Central Dispatch asked Huskey who needed to back off and Huskey told them the Washington County police needed to back off. He then hung up. 

After that three-and-a-half minute phone call, Central Dispatch called Huskey back and Huskey told them he was going to walk to Casey’s and then walk to the police department. He told them to pick either the police department or the sheriff’s department.

Huskey told them he had a button ready and he wasn’t going to take “anymore sh**.” He then stated again that they need to back off or he was going to push the button. The dispatcher asked Huskey what button he was talking about and he said the one for the bomb in his stomach.

That phone call lasted two minutes.

A Potosi police officer found Huskey in the area of Oak and North Missouri Streets.

When the officer pulled up in his patrol car Huskey started walking toward him while throwing his hands in the air and yelling. The officer saw Huskey grab the bottom of his T-shirt and lift it up several times.

The officer gave orders to Huskey to keep his hands out from underneath his shirt. The officer asked his name and Huskey gave a false identity and when asked a second time he gave his true name.

Huskey then told the officer he did not mean what he said. He said he was upset and he doesn’t know what he is saying when he is angry. The officer reported that while talking to Huskey he noticed that Huskey was moving around a lot and unable to control his composure. Huskey was also unable to speak clearly to the officer.

Huskey was then taken to the county jail. A warrant was issued for Huskey on June 17 with a $10,000 bond.



Renee Bronaugh is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-518-3617 or

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