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Land transfers

  • WD-Connie Sue Dunn and husband Et al to Kevin L. Dunn and wife
  • WD-Roger G. Moyers and wife to Daniel K. Settle and wife
  • QCD-Orval Robbs and wife to Orval Wayne Robbs
  • Ben Deed-Beverly Joan Blankenship to Robert Daniel Feger Et al
  • WD-Rita Simpson Elrod by trustees to Edward W. Thebeau and wife
  • Ben Deed-Edward W. Thebeau and wife to Michael E. Thebeau
  • WD-Robert E. Kentner Jr. and wife to Ernest Mayo and wife
  • WD-Marjorie K. Duncan to Joe Poelker and wife
  • WD-Tom Schrauth and wife to William Ray Russett and wife
  • QC-Gloria E. Francis and husband to Joseph S. Poelker, Jr. and wife
  • WD-Jennifer Kaye Thornton Et al c/o trustee to Phillip N. Page and wife
  • WD-Douglas E. Carpenter to Holly Carpenter
  • WD-Eddie Sikes Et al to Ronald L. Roy and wife Trust
  • QC-Eddie D. Sikes Trustee to Lonn D. Proctor and wife
  • WD-Swinford Properties, LLC to Carrie Schuh
  • WD-Urban Financial REO LLC to James W. Eggleston and wife
  • QC-Ronald Pinson and wife to Janet Pinson Et al
  • Ben Deed-LaDonna S. Mills to Jimmy Mills and wife
  • WD-Michael Shank to Jeremiah P. Browers and wife
  • QC-Minerva Diane Lambert to Daniel E. Lambert, Jr Et al
  • WD-Kenneth Bales and wife to Jordon Albers
  • Ben Deed-Peggy L. Morice to Billy DeWayen Ely, II
  • WD-Castle Rock 2017 LLC to Kenneth Bales and wife
  • WD-Wayne Edward Brotherton and wife to Eric Roberts and wife
  • WD-Tara M. Hale to Brock Mills
  • WD-Thomas Holland to Thomas L. Holland III and wife

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