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Land transfers

  • WD-James H. Byton and wife to Scott D. Mull and wife
  • QC-Dale A. Janke and wife to Deel Ree Janke
  • WD-Wanda R. Bothmann to Deel Ree Janke and wife
  • WD-Tom Stephens Farms, LLC to Paul Knepper and wife
  • Ben Deed-Deborah Kathryn Ryan to William David Mauk
  • WD-Rhonda Stevens to Mark Minton and husband
  • WD-Sharpco, LLC to Kent Marler and wife
  • WD-Gary Matheny, Conservator to Gary D. Declue and wife
  • Ben Deed- Robert W. Spain to Lindell Wayne Spain and wife
  • WD-Thomas Edgar Martin to Patrick M. Martin and wife
  • WD-Connie Maize to Rebecca S. Irick
  • WD-Jeremy Baker and wife to William R. Lunsford and wife
  • QCD-LaVon McClellen, Jr. to Anthony P. Hovis and wife
  • Ben Deed-Randy K. Smith and wife to Randall K. and Brenda M. Smith Trust
  • QC-Patricia L. Newhouse and husband to Kevin P. Miesner and wife
  • QC-Frances Marty Newicz to Roger Sweatt and wife
  • QC-Harry Tripp to Kimberly Lerche Et al
  • WD-Kenneth Minton and wife Et al to Andrew Roberts, III and wife

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