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Reunions all around

There were a lot of class reunions held during the past Homecoming week, and it’s always such a pleasure to witness past students of FHS still enjoy revisiting their youth, reuniting with classmates who shared those days, and seeing the changes that have been made to the old home town. A good thing though, that the old saying “Liar, liar; pants on fire” isn’t true, as the reunion sites would quickly ignite into a raging inferno as we tell each other “Oh! You haven’t changed at all!”

Sad to say, my own FHS high school class lost another member this past week. Each passing of a classmate on to the ultimate site of higher learning is deeply felt as we are now quickly dwindling down to a precious few. We who remain must have inherited the charge to carry on the memories of our youthful days, since we were among the last classes to stroll the halls of the old high school prior to the coming of the Baby Boomers and current Millennia’s classes.

Not an easy inheritance since we now struggle to even recall where we left our glasses, car keys, and, sometimes, even cars!

That’s why I so enjoyed Ed Blaine’s tribute to his high school in 2016, when on receiving his Hall of Fame award, instead of a speech of “thanks for the memories,” he simply broke into the school fight song “Onward Knights.” Spontaneously, everyone there happily joined in with great enthusiasm.

Your own school days may have been those you enjoyed or hated, but regardless, there’s always a small spark of school spirit still glowing somewhere deep inside each of us. Hear the fight song and it flares into a bright flame of pride. We alumni of Farmington High School, wherever life has taken us, will always remain in some part, a Knight at heart.

Pets in the Pews….Amazingly, there were no hisses or growls this past Sunday at Memorial United Methodist Church, as members of the congregation happily brought their beloved pets to church for the annual “Blessing of the Animals” service. Needless to say, my dog was not among those that made an appearance. Loved he is. Well-mannered he is not.

The results were a similar to a Walt Disney short film: all harmony and smiles with a lot of wagging tails, as the pets were brought to the front one by one by their owners to be introduced and receive a blessing and a treat from Rev. Scott Hall. As each of the pets accepted both with well-mannered thanks, the entire congregation responded with large smiles and lots of “oohs” and “awwwws.” Even the choir “went to the dogs (and cats)” as several members had their own pets beside them, or nearby, throughout the service. It was a double pleasure to hear the lovely singing (and no…it wasn’t “How Much is That Doggie in the Window!!) and watch the dogs’ behavior as they quietly sat or lay beside their person the entire time. They even stood when the choir did to sing, with not an untimely howl, whine or bark from either the dogs or the choir! Thank you, Rev. Hall, for starting this unusual and enjoyable tradition. Have to admit: this is one of my ‘most favorite’ services of the year!

50th Wedding Anniversary….David and Sandy Hoehn celebrated their Golden Anniversary this past week with their family members and many of their friends gathering for the occasion. Congratulations to them.

Weddings….and of course, you have to have weddings to start building toward those anniversaries. There have been several of those also recently, among them the marriages of Tim Holt to Marissa Bonney in a woodland setting, and the wedding of Chelsea Johnson to Yojanni Valdez at the Chaumette Winery. Best wishes to all the happy couples.

At last… Sara Parks and her family and friends celebrated the final and official adoption ceremony of Logan as her son last Friday. Sara has been the foster mother of the handsome young boy for almost two years prior to the final adoption. Sara’s mother, sister and brother have all been a part of Logan’s care and are delighted to finally have him as an official and well-loved member of their family group. Congratulations to all!

Coming Up:

An apology to the Ladies of the Parkland for failing to announce their meeting sooner that was held earlier this week. The group has members from throughout the county and meet the meet second Tuesday morning of the month. Completely missed announcing it for this month’s meeting held on Oct. 10! Their brunch is catered by COLJAC Artisan Cafe of Farmington and to learn more about this active group or to make required reservations for the next meeting (Nov. 14), call Joan at 756-7226 or Lucy at 573-562-7492. Visitors and guests are always welcomed!

Friday, Oct. 13…..Benefit barbecue for Help the Hungry; 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. sponsored annually by Auffenberg Chevrolet in Maple Valley, will have a second pickup location this year at the parking lot of the First Baptist Church of Farmington, at 210 N. A St., directly across from the public library. Bag lunches for $5 each include either pulled pork or barbecue hamburger, chips, a treat and drink. Meals may be purchased the day of the event, or ordered in advance online at until noon today. Deliveries for 10 or more meal can be requested at the same website.

Thursday, Oct. 26… Girls’ Night Out at Twin Oaks Winery to benefit the local county chapter of United Way of St. Francois County. Funds donated this year will benefit some 30 area organizations, including the two Farmington Food pantries.

A large group of hopeful ladies with this writer included, will be boarding buses this Wednesday morning (Oct. 11) for a day trip aboard a riverboat that will churn its way up (and, hopefully) down the Mississippi river while we enjoy lunch and the scenery along the way. Unfortunately, Mom Nature in a fit of pique, has seen fit to drop the temperature alarmingly as a forecast for that day. Not to be put off, we will still make the planned voyage, but I will be well prepared with a warm, hooded sweatshirt, ear muffs, long johns, gloves, waterproof coat, life jacket, paddles and flares. One just never knows what the unpredictable and mighty Mississippi might have up its sleeve, even when it’s barely larger right now than our local St. Francois River. Bon Voyage!

Janet Douglas

Janet Douglas

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