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Museum holds ghost roundup

The Valles Mines Lost History Museum in Valles Mines will be holding their 20th Annual Ghost Roundup fundraiser two weekends in a row on Oct. 21 and Oct. 28 to raise money to fund the museum.

The Lost History Museum Superintendent and Founder Steve Frazier said they are located at 14116 Valles Mines School Rd. and the area is rich with history.

Frazier decided to create The Lost History Museum 20 years ago and he said he doesn’t regret it one bit. The museum was being housed in the old Francis Valle home up until this past year when they moved the museum into the Old General Store.

The museum was once housed in a building that was built in 1749 when Francis Valle and his bride, Marie, were given the cabin as a wedding present. One of their sons, John Baptiste Valle, operated a lead mine from there, which is commonly believed where The Valle Mining Company was formed. The historic home was added onto to at some point creating additional space for the growing family over the years.

Frazier said this year they will have a haunted house in the historic home that people can enjoy for $5 per person.

“Each year we try to do something different during the event and change it up,” said Frazier. “We have an open house at the museum and we will have food and refreshments. There will be a bonfire, weather permitting, of course, and hayrides to the old haunted train tunnel.”

Frazier said Tunnel Bill was a German fellow by the name of William Heinrich and he lived back by the tunnel in a little cabin with his wife and two children, one of which was adopted. His job, since he was a little bit disabled, was to keep kids and people away from the mines, out of the tunnel and away from the explosives for safety.

“Supposedly many years after Tunnel Bill died he still guarded the land back there he was charged with watching,” Frazier said. “At night his light can be seen and whenever anyone would go toward the glow of his lantern, it would disappear.”

It’s been told that anyone who passes through the tunnel at night could hear him walking behind them and if they walked too slow they would feel his hand on their shoulder. It was guaranteed they would speed up and run.

An old cemetery is also on the property where slaves were buried and Frazier said they will have walking tours of the cemetery.

“It’s been told that restless spirits may still wander the land looking for their homes, but no one has proven if there is any truth to that,” said Frazier. “Other strange and unexplainable events have occurred over the years. In the Lost History Museum, some say distorted faces have been seen in the upstairs window and pictures have been found upside down or have fallen off the walls.”

Frazier added there will be walking tours of the old buildings and that is more for the younger kids.

“We will have a food vendor, cupcakes, psychic readings by a real psychic and a 50/50 raffle — the winner will be drawn on Oct. 28 after the second event,” Frazier said. “There will be a paranormal team on the premises and spooky stories around the bonfire.”

The hayrides will begin at 2 p.m. and the cost is $5 per person. Cost for the haunted house is also $5. All children must be accompanied by an adult and they are not responsible for accidents or losses.

For more information on the event call 573-631-6875 or 573-944-9128 or 314-265-9818. All activities are weather permitting.

There will be hayrides to a haunted train tunnel during the 20th Annual Ghost Roundup at the Lost History Museum in Valles Mines.

There will be hayrides to a haunted train tunnel during the 20th Annual Ghost Roundup at the Lost History Museum in Valles Mines.

Kids get their own

 ” width=”800″ /> Kids get their own “psychic reading” at the Ghost Roundup last year at the Lost History Museum in Valles Mines. 


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