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Charges filed in police shooting

Charges have been filed against the Park Hills man who was shot by police after he allegedly broke into a Farmington home and began firing a weapon.

Cody Crayton, 29, is being charged with three class A felonies of assault in the first degree, three felonies of armed criminal action, a class B felony of burglary, a class D felony of stealing and a class A felony of unlawful use of a weapon.

According to the probable cause statement, two Farmington officers and a corporal were called to a house in the 1200 block of Dawn St. in reference to a possible burglary in progress at 4 a.m. Sunday. The caller reported hearing possible gunshots and then heard someone in their basement.

When the first officer arrived at the house he found a busted egress window at the rear of the home, which indicated that someone was inside. The second officer and the corporal arrived at the house and went inside, giving verbal commands to the suspect, later identified as Crayton, to surrender.

The second officer said he heard the sound of a round being chambered into a rifle. The first officer, who was still outside, then heard a series of gunshots being fired off from inside the home. The second officer called over the radio that shots had been fired.

A short time later, the officer outside reported hearing another series of gunshots coming from the front of the house along with the series of verbal commands. The officer outside remained at the rear of the house until it seemed that the firing had stopped to avoid being hit by any possible crossfire.

The outside officer then went to the front of the house where he saw the second officer and the corporal placing Crayton into custody. The officer rolled Crayton over onto his back and saw a wound on his right side, which appeared to be a grazing wound from a gunshot.

As the officer waited for EMS to arrive he asked Crayton what his name was and he gave it to the officer. Then as Crayton was being treated he said he just wanted to die and he wished someone would just shoot him in the head.

The officer asked Crayton what he was doing in the house and he said he was looking for a place to change. Crayton also said he was not trying to kill a police officer and that he wasn’t aiming at them. Crayton was found with the homeowner’s AR-15 and he also caused damage to the home by busting out the back window and firing shots off in the home.

Crayton was also found to be convicted felon and had a warrant for his arrest through the probation and parole with no bond. Crayton had fired three shots when he exited the home and refused to listen to the verbal commands of the officers.

He was treated at Parkland Health Center and released to the county jail a short time later. His bond on this case has been set at $500,000 cash only, but he is also being held on his probation warrant with no bond.



Cody Crayton - 2013

Cody Crayton – 2013

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