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Kenyan pastor asks for support

A Kenyan pastor has been welcomed into several churches throughout the area to talk with congregations about his work in Africa and how others can help.

Worshippers Assembly Reverend Daniel Ndung’u said he a preacher of the gospel in Kenya.

“I am overseeing 14 churches across the country and we do church planting in different places,” said Ndung’u. “In the rural areas we do a lot of walking of villages. I came over here to preach the gospel and to encourage the churches in America to continue spreading the good news and to shamelessly talk about their faith in God.”

Ndung’u said that is what he has been doing the last month and a half and he has talked to a number of churches. He added he has two more churches to visit before he goes back home.

“This coming Sunday I will be at the House of Praise and next Sunday I will be at Centenary Methodist Church in Bonne Terre,” said Ndung’u. “This is my third trip to the U.S. I came in 2015 and in 2016. I came to attend conferences and go back home.”

Ndung’u said this time around a friend invited him to visit the area, so that is how he came to St. Francois County.

“I am preaching, alongside of working to raise funds to build a missions resource center in Kenya,” said Ndung’u. “A mission’s resource center will be for training the Christians for mission work, training and equipping them for the mission work in the villages.”

Ndung’u explained they have people in his country that are deep in the bushes that have never heard the gospel. He said they want to build the center to equip the people to go to them and the missionaries will be given training.

“They will be given means of transportation, because that is a challenge, some of the people are unreachable,” said Ndung’u. “Wherever they are, there are no means to get there. So a mission’s resource center, we work towards getting off-road transport that can get the missionaries to the deepest of the villages.”

Ndung’u said they also provide guest houses for missionaries from all over the world and the resource center will provide that.

“We have laid the foundation for the resource center. Back home we do everything manually,” explained Ndung’u. “We don’t have machines, so we are trusting God to give us the machines. We began the construction and have built all the way to the first (level). It is meant to be a three-story building.”

Ndung’u said there will be parking for trucks, a church hall for training and there will be guest houses on the third floor. He added they are working to raise about $300,000 and he is trusting God to help them with the money.

“We are also looking for professionals who would want to come and offer services towards the building of the place,” Ndung’u said. “Also helping with the building of churches in the villages, because some of our churches don’t have places to meet.”

Ndung’u said they have group gatherings for church under a small tent and when it rains the church is completely disrupted.

“So we are seeking help. If somebody would be willing to come and help build the churches physically or even give money to help with the building,” said Ndung’u. “Even give equipment to help with building so it is much easier. By hand it takes a lot of time.”

Ndung’u said that is what he is doing here and he has to go back home to his wife and children and keep doing the work at home.

“So far I have a number people who have made commitments to help us with the work,” said Ndung’u. “What we have not established with them is exactly what extent they would want to help. Within my remaining days I want to sum up every commitment and know exactly what they are giving towards the work.”

Ndung’u said he will put it together and will then know what God has been able to give to them for the work.

“We invite the Christians in this nation to also think about spreading the gospel outside of America,” said Ndung’u. “I have come all the way from Africa and come over speaking about the love of Jesus to the nation of America. We would love also to have Americans to come down to Africa and share the gospel with the people.”

Ndung’u said just sharing the simple message of the cross. He stressed they would really love that.

Ron White, with the mission board at House of Praise Church, said he was hoping to find a way to put together a container of items together to ship over there.

“I was showing him pawn shops where you can buy power tools really cheap and at Harbor Freight you can get solar panels,” said White. “They would be an immediate source for electricity for the power equipment. I bought a complete package of an air compressor, with two nailers and hoses for $149 at Menards.”

White said if people can buy and send things like that it would help. Ndung’u added they are dealing with a needy society in the village.

“Across the board you find people who are desperately in need of clothing,” said Ndung’u. “I have found people living in very poor shacks, a pathetic house. We want to help and pull down those small, tiny shacks and build a decent home for the elderly.”

Ndung’u said tools would be great, clothing will help with the masses, clothes for children, women and men. He hopes for help with the shipping and with the clearing of the area.

“The equipment, power tools would make the work easier, so that whatever project we have we can run faster,” said Ndung’u. “Also if someone could help with drilling a well, some of the people are every desperate about water. Women have to get up every early, like 3 a.m., to go looking for water 20 miles away and back, to bring just 20 liters of water.”

Ndung’u said if they could have a well closer to them, it would be an amazing blessing.

Anyone interested in more information or donating can email Daniel Ndung’u at or call +254-722-837-594 and if anyone is interested in traveling to Kenya to help, they can reach Ron White at the House of Praise Church at 573-431-5300.

Worshippers Assembly Reverend Daniel Ndung’u has traveled all the way from Kenya, Africa in hopes of spreading the word of the gospel to Americans and to seek out missionaries to travel to Africa.

Worshippers Assembly Reverend Daniel Ndung’u has traveled all the way from Kenya, Africa in hopes of spreading the word of the gospel to Americans and to seek out missionaries to travel to Africa.

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