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Land transfers

  • QC-Glenn A. Rehkop to Randall Allen Rehkop
  • WD-M. Stephen Dees and wife Trust to Swinford Properties
  • WD-Swinford Properties, LLC to Robert L. Blankenship and wife trust
  • WD-Larry G. Weekley and wife to Jerry R. Yaekel Sr. and wife trust
  • QCD-Gary A. Jones Jr. to Geotech Holdings INc.
  • QCD-Gary A. Jones Jr. to Gary A. Jones Jr.
  • Trustee’s Deed-Travis Braswell Et al by trustee to U.S. Bank
  • WD-Jonathan Oertel and wife to Elizabeth E. Peterson
  • Ben Deed-Patrick Jay Hogan and wife to Jacob Hogan Et al
  • Ben Deed-Cyrus William Copeland to Aaron Copeland Et al
  • WD-David Whitener and wife to Rodney Matthews and wife
  • Ben Deed-Stanley B. Shryock Et al to Tamara Lea Krueger Et al

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