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200 years and counting””

“200 Years and Counting” is the theme of the 2018 Azalea Queen Scholarship Pageant.

The pageant committee is preparing to have its first organizational meeting and the next order of business is to get our 12 contestants from Madison County’s finest young women. Due to space and time, only the first 12 applicants will be accepted. There will only be an exception if the 12th and 13th applications arrive by mail on the same day. If your organization or business would like to sponsor a candidate, please complete the application located on page 9A in this week’s issue of the Democrat News, and MAIL it with your $100 entry fee. To celebrate 200 years of Madison County we will be spotlighting our sponsors during the pageant. The application can also be found online at Any applications received after the first 12 candidates will be returned by mail to the sponsor. The entry deadline is Feb. 9.

Please ensure that your candidate understands she MUST participate in all functions and rehearsals, regardless of personal, school, or work conflicts. The pageant committee will try its best to work with school schedules, but rehearsal dates cannot be changed. Failure to participate in all functions could result in disqualification.

Contestants will be required to reside in Madison County (verification may be requested from the sponsor), attend the organizational meeting (Feb. 18), attend the Azalea Tea (March 18), attend ALL rehearsals, ride in the Azalea Parade, be a sophomore, junior, or senior in high school, and sell advertisements for the pageant program. No prior contestants will be allowed.

Rehearsals will be Sunday, April 29, in the afternoon. There will also be rehearsals on Monday April 30, Tuesday May 1, and Wednesday May 2, in the evening.

The pageant will be at 7 p.m., Friday, May 4. The 2018 Azalea Queen Pageant: “200 Years and Counting” will feature local performers entertaining on stage. We will also welcome back the 2017 Azalea Queen Joslyn Schott.

If you have any questions, please contact Katy Rehkop at 783-1763.

2017 Azalea Queen Joslyn Schott

2017 Azalea Queen Joslyn Schott

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