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Woman arrested after Farmington pursuit

An area woman has been arrested and charges are pending after she allegedly attempted to evade police Saturday afternoon in Farmington. 

Farmington Police Chief Rick Baker said at 4:30 p.m. Saturday dispatchers received a call about a possibly impaired driver in the area of Eagle Mart, located off Karsch Boulevard.

“When the officer arrived at the scene he saw a silver Ford Mustang matching the description given to dispatch,” Baker said. “The officer got out of her vehicle and attempted to make contact with the female who was driving.”

Baker said the woman made some kind of comment to the officer and then began to slowly pull back onto Karsch Boulevard.

“The officer got back into her car and while she was doing so, the driver of the Ford Mustang started driving eastbound,” said Baker. “She then began doing circles in the middle of Karsch Boulevard. The driver then drove in reverse in the eastbound lanes of Karsch.”

Baker said the driver of the Mustang spun the car around in a 180-degree turn and headed west on Karsch at a high rate of speed. He added she reportedly ran a stoplight at Karsch and Washington and continued westbound passing Potosi Street.

“Evidently it was a green light at Potosi and Karsch and then she made a left turn onto Walton Drive, running the red light,” Baker said. “She then continued south on Walton Drive and then made a right turn into the Walmart parking lot approaching the grocery side doors.”

The chief said she reportedly stopped the car, exited and took off running toward the center of the parking lot. A foot chase ensued and the officer were able to subdue her in the parking lot, placing her under arrest.

“She was taken to the St. Francois County Jail and will be charged with failing to obey a traffic control device two times, failure to drive in a single lane and driving while intoxicated (by) drugs,” Baker said. “She will also be charged with careless and imprudent driving, resisting arrest by fleeing, property damage in the second degree, failing to yield to an emergency vehicle, driving while suspended and assault on a law enforcement officer.”

The chief said the report was sent to the prosecutor for review of the charges. He added officers were scraped up and bruised from the scuffle while taking her into custody. Additionally, he said, at one point while she was driving she swerved in an attempt to hit a patrol car.

“When I first heard it I was thinking at 4 or 5 p.m. on Karsch Boulevard … Saturdays are less congested than during the week,” Baker said. “It could have been bad with people coming home from work. You just don’t see that every day.”

Her name is not being released at this time pending the filing of formal changes. 

Renee Bronaugh is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-518-3617 or

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