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Fire damages car and garage Wednesday night

Fire departments were called to a house fire off Old Highway 8 and Route P Wednesday evening at 10:16 p.m. after a passerby spotted the flames and called it in.

Desloge Deputy Chief Gale Phillips said when they arrived at 10:25 p.m. there was a 25 by 30 feet detached garage and there was smoke coming from the eaves.

“We did a walk around and saw fire coming out the backside the building where there used to be a window,” said Phillips. “We quickly pulled some hose and had the fire out within nine minutes of arriving at the scene.”

Phillips added it appeared to be cause by an electrical issue. There was some additional electric wiring run through a metal plate.

“It looked like it went through and arced right there,” said Phillips. “I did call the fire marshal to them know what was there and what we saw. He didn’t have to come to come out to the house. Fortunately there wasn’t any damage to the house, which was just several feet away.”

Phillips said one of the vehicles was charred on the side of it and the main portion damaged was the back of the garage were the fire started.

“The siding also melted and there was a lot of charred wood inside,” said Phillips. “It didn’t seem to be any issues of structural integrity. The resident wasn’t home, they were at work and we were able to get in touch with the property owner, who showed up at the scene.”

Phillips said Big River, Leadwood and Park Hills Fire Departments assisted them with the fire. He added they were there for two hours and spent most of the time trying to get smoke and steam out of the building.

A garage and a car receive damage after a late-night fire that was spotted by a passerby.

A garage and a car receive damage after a late-night fire that was spotted by a passerby.

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