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‘Art Blooms in Farmington’ banner winners announcement

The Mineral Area Council on the Arts received more than 1,100 entries for this year’s Art Blooms banner contest, sponsored by the Mineral Area Council on the Arts and the city of Farmington.

The committee, made up of representatives of the Farmington Public Library and the Arts Council had a tough time deciding which artwork would make the cut.

It will be several weeks until the banners are produced and the winning art is displayed on the light poles in downtown. On Tuesday, the council released a list of the winning artists:

Artists with selected designs include: Daisy Griffin, 5; Mira Kotagiri, 5; Kailyn Cordell, 6; Isla Douglas, 6; Gwen Hegney, 6; Noah Johnson, 6; Haylee Pyatt, 7; Sophia Beck, 7; Emily Allen, 7; Chelby Bequette, 7; Abby Luster, 8; Zeke Moyers, 8; Adalyn Wasson, 8; Elvie Wagner, 8; Cameron Harris, 9; Kinley Tracy, 9; Addison Kennedy, 9; Meleah Lara, 9; Hayley Mueller, 10; Maggie French, 10; Abbigail Jones, 10; Mila French, 10; Adyson Mcnail, 11;  Madeline Hosking, 11; Brianna Parker, 11; Emma Alley, 11; Meredith Williams, 11; Sarala Buckman, 11; Chloe Boyer, 12; Addison Wells, 12; Elizabeth Savage, 12; Peyton Weiss, 12; Elizabeth Varhalla, 12; Colin Whited, 12; Riley Brogan, 13; Alyssa Glanzer, 13; Rylee White-Steel, 13; Erika Hull, 13; Stacie Tedford, 13; Lillie Prier, 14; Kristina Ramos, 14; Chloe Crouch, 14; Maya Hemphill, 14; Ethan Tiefenauer, 14; Nicholas Rector, 15; Mya Jones, 15; Jaidyn Phelps, 15; Kylie Rector, 15; Hunter Bostick, 16; Payton Cole, 16; Jillian Wruck, 16; Nicole Lowe, 16; Skylar Forney, 17; Emilia Torres, 17; Kaleb Storie, 17; Colby Barnes, 17; Riley Land, 18; Kaitlyn Borgmann, 18; Brianna Beard, 18; and ZuZu Smugala, 18.

Congratulations to these 60 talented student artists. Be sure to keep your eye to the sky in Farmington beginning this spring to see their great work.

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