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Land Transfers

  • Ben Deed: Gerald Alan Northdurft to Joyce Ann Stanley
  • Ben Deed: Dean Woods to Michelle A Woods
  • WD: Gabriel W Mier & wife to Jack Allen Michael
  • WD: Shiela D Miller to Erwin J Hansmann & wife
  • WD: Loretta M Wall to John A Gleghorn & wife
  • Ben Deed: Hobert G Slinkard to Daniel G Slinkard Et al
  • QC: Penny O’Brien Trustee to Vince O’Brien & wife
  • WD: Vince O’Brien & wife to David W Whitener & wife
  • QC: Lisa Propst Et al to John Dunn & wife
  • WD: William H Killian & wife to Joseph Lewis & wife
  • QC: Robert John Todd to Brandy Christine Todd
  • WD: Michael R Mattews & wife to Marc Bernstein & wife
  • WD: Leroy Schwent & wife to Joseph V Stevens & wife
  • Ben Deed: Timothy G Tinnin & wife to Tiffany L Parson
  • Ben Deed: John M Tucker to John Brian Tucker Et al
  • WD: Jeffrey Montgomery & wife to Trevor Miller & wife
  • WD: Swinford Properties, LLC to Roger Gaines & wife
  • WD: Joseph Finch & wife to Stevens Property Management, LLC
  • WD: John Womack to Douglas Wayne Womack
  • Ben Deed: Michael O East & wife to Alice M East
  • WD: Kyle Stephens Construction, LLC and Bittle Construction, LLC to Karen L Tripp Et al
  • WD: Fritz A Whitmer, Jr & wife to Hufford Investments, LP
  • Ben Deed: James Pirtle & wife to Christy Dawn Raysum Et al
  • WD: Karen L Tripp to Robert Jones & wife

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