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MMC Board of Trustees Meeting

The Madison Medical Center Board of Trustees met Feb. 14, 2018, for its regular monthly meeting. The following board members were present: Larry Hunt, Ruth Ann Skaggs, Connie Matthews, and Kent Marler. Board members absent: Denny Ward. MMC staff present: Lisa Twidwell, Administrator/CEO; Jennifer Penuel, COO; Kristen Starkey, Nursing Home DON; Carol Hyatt, Director of Physician Practices; and Maureen Medley, Administrative Assistant. MMC staff absent: Allan Sucharski, CFO and Cindy Dulaney, Acute Care DON. Also present: Thomas J. Pisarkiewicz and Samuel R. Woodring from LJ Hart & Company.

After hearing a presentation by Tom Pisarkiewicz and Sam Woodring from LJ Hart & Company concerning bond refinancing options, the Board voted to begin working with them on refinancing MMC’s revenue bonds.

The following departmental reports were presented to the Board: Acute Care Nursing, SNF/ICF Nursing, Rural Health Clinic, COO/Human Resources, and CFO. The Home Health report was also reviewed.

The residents of Stockhoff Memorial Nursing Home will enjoy their annual “Senior Prom,” April 18.

As the new social services designee for Stockhoff Memorial Nursing Home, Leah Smothers will now be handling nursing home admissions.

Phillip Kintner, M.D., an OB/GYN, will begin providing his services at MMC later this month, and Sandra Hoffmann, M.D., will begin providing Rheumatology services in March.

Joyce Lindow, MMC Auxiliary President, has resigned. No replacement has been named yet for her position.

MMC information and give-away items are included in the Cordial Caravan (now extending into St. Francois County) Welcome packets that are given to newlyweds, new parents, and those who are new to the community. Cindy Dulaney, Acute Care DON, is a volunteer at the Domestic Violence Shelter. Lisa Twidwell, Administrator, is a member of the Rotary Club. Kristen Starkey, Nursing Home DON, is one of the organizers of the Compassion Café. Carol Hyatt, Director of Physician Practices, is a member of the MCCDD board. Sue Cofer, Cashier, is a member of the Madison County Chamber of Commerce.

Air Evac enrollment for MMC employees will be conducted Feb. 15-16, in the cafeteria.

The Board discussed the possibility of implementing online physician access, but no decision will be made until after further exploration is done.

Personal Financial Disclosure Statements for Lisa Twidwell, CEO, and Joe Barnhouse, Purchasing Director, were approved by the Board.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees will be March 14, 2018, at 9:30 a.m. in the Dr. Slaughter Memorial Building.

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