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Three running for alderman in Leadwood

Three candidates will be on the ballot for the Leadwood’s Ward II alderperson seat on April 3. The elected individual will serve a two-year term on the Leadwood Board of Alderpersons. The candidates are Charles S. (Tiny) Lewis, Douglas K. Evans and incumbent David M. Henry.

Charles S. (Tiny) Lewis

Lewis is 68 and is married with one daughter and one son. He attained a G.E.D. and has been a licensed EMT for about 16 years.

He worked 19 years as a mechanic at Dave Sinclair Ford, nine years at U.S. Tool and is retired from the Machinist Union. He previously held the positions of alderman and mayor pro;- tem in Leadwood.

Lewis is running for Ward II Alderman to see the continued work on the city water project. He said he was there at the beginning of the project and would like to see it through.

Douglas K. Evans

Evans is 58 and married. He attained a 12th grade education and has worked for St. Francois County Road and Bridge for 35 years.

He has not held elected office before, but says he is running for the position of Ward II Alderman for the betterment of the City of Leadwood.

David M. Henry

Henry is 60, married and has four daughters. He holds a bachelor of science degree in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration degree.

Henry has worked for 20 years as a corporate accountant, with the last 10 years spent either at the district controller or division controller level. He was previously the mayor of Leadwood and has served the last two years as an alderman over the street department.

Henry is running to continue the work that has been done by the street department throughout the city.

“Primarily I am running again because of the tremendous progress the street department has had during the past two years,” Henry said. “Briefly, we fixed an erosion problem on Hickory Street that threatened to completely wash out Hickory Street. We fixed a bridge at the park.

“Over its life I don’t think the infrastructure of the bridge has had any maintenance, let alone repairs. All three concrete supports of the bridge were eroded away about 50-60 percent. We cleaned out all the old/bad concrete and built a concrete support to encircle the bottom of each leg. This concrete support was tied into the leg of the bridge by rebar.

“A year or so ago I took a census of the burnt-out city lights by driving around at night and identifying which ones were bad. A list of the bad lights was turned in to Ameren who replaced the old-style lights with new LED panels.

“Two years ago I took a census of potholes and/or bad/crumbling asphalt around town. Found over 100 potholes, of which about 40 percent were patched. Also found two bad sections of street on Oak St. and Third St. Replaced as much asphalt as we could afford to on those streets.

“Lastly, the street department put rest benches on the walking trail in the park. Now people have a place to sit down for a bit every 200 feet or so and catch their breath. The benches have made the walking trail much more accessible to the general public.”





David Henry was previously and alderman for Leadwood.

David Henry was previously and alderman for Leadwood.

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