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Bismarck School bond issue passes

Bismarck voters overwhelmingly approved a $1.9 million “no tax increase” bond issue Tuesday that will be used to fund a number of projects at Bismarck schools.

Superintendent Jason King said planned projects will offer increased safety for students, as well as improve the quality of education at the school.

The vote was 254 (68 percent) to 119 (32 percent) in favor of the proposition.

The proposition was promoted by the district through the holding of town meetings and a presentation given by King at the Bismarck Board of Aldermen meeting in March.

Projects to be funded by the bond issue include relocation of the high school office to the front of the building; installation of double doors and erection of a barrier wall at the elementary school; re-coating of around 90,000 square feet of the school’s roof with a polyurethane base coating and silicone top coating; renovation of the science lab; improvements to the elementary and high school libraries; and renovation of the band room along with other spaces.

Responding to the election results, King said, “I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to the voters of the Bismarck R-5 School District. They have a long history of supporting our school and supporting our kids. They really came out and showed that again.

“It’s just a testament to how much they care about what we do and how much they care about kids — and that’s really what it’s about.

“The biggest benefactors of this whole thing is going to be our kids. We’re really eager to get going on safety improvements and improving the education that we’re able to provide kids.

“It’s an exciting night for us. The community came out and overwhelmingly supported us. We are very, very grateful.”

Bismarck voters overwhelmingly approve a $1.9 million

Bismarck voters overwhelmingly approve a $1.9 million “no tax increase” bond issue to make safety and other improvements to the school. After learning of the 254 to 119 vote in favor of the question, Bismarck Supt. Jason King said he was appreciative of the community’s continued support.

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