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Legislature works to agree on budget version

SB 594 now awaits the Governor’s signature for it to become law.

This bill specifies that certain commercial insurers are exempt from filing rates and policy forms. This legislation does not apply to workers’ compensation, medical malpractice insurance and also FAIR Plan policies. Commercial insurance filing requirements slow the introduction of new and innovative products into the insurance marketplace. The ultimate goal is to eliminate state regulatory agency rate and policy form filing approval requirements for commercial insurance lines, thus permitting most new commercial insurance products to be introduced into the marketplace on an expedited basis for the benefit of insurance customers. This bill also contains the language from HB 1690 which modifies provisions in the Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association act to address long-term care insurance insolvency assessments.

Our focus this next week will be on balancing the budget. The Senate has now passed their version and the House passed ours several weeks ago. We have differences of opinion in several areas, including the school foundation formula and the funding of higher education. We will also need to work toward a compromise regarding funding of home health care costs, which the Senate has funded at levels beyond what we had approved in the House. The Senate and House will next work together in conference committees in an attempt to come to a final agreement of the projected $28 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2019.

300 plus employees of Sheltered Workshops statewide attended the 2018 Advocacy Day to show their support for every individual to choose for themselves where they want to work in Sheltered Workshops or in the Community. (HB 2644) Everyone deserves that choice!

Missouri 116th District State Representative Kevin Engler, R-Farmington, files his Capitol Report at the end of each week the state legislature is in session.



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