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Farmington Public Library July Additions

The following materials were added to the Farmington Public Library during the month of July:


Blanton, Heather. A Lady in Defiance

Box, C.J. Force of Nature

Butrum, Christina. Everything She Needed

Cameron, Marc. Tom Clancy: Power and Empire

Finder, Joseph. The Switch

Forsyth, Frederick. The Kill List

Greaney, Mark. Tom Clancy: True Faith and Allegiance

Kingsbury, Karen. To the Moon and Back

Knight, Jaye. Resistance

Laam, Jennifer. The Secret Daughter of the Star

Preston, Douglas. The Pharaoh Key

Robards, Karen. The Moscow Deception

Shaara, Jeff. A Blaze of Glory

Shaara, Jeff. The Smoke at Dawn

Wilson, Susan. The Dog Who Saved Me

Woods, Stuart. Turbulence


Barnes, Julian. The Only Story

Cognetti, Paolo. The Eight Mountains

Coster, Naima. Halsey Steet

Crouch, Blake. The Last Town

Hooper, Kay. Hold Back the Dark

Jackson, Lisa. One Last Breath

Jenkins, Beverly. Tempest

Johnstone, William. Remington 1894

Knoll, Jessica. The Favorite Sister

Lewis, Preston. Hard Texas Winter

Maxerll, Cathy. If Ever I Should Love You

McKinlay, Jenn. Every Dog Has His Day

Miller, Tom. The Philosopher’s Flight

Olsen, Gregg. The Last Thing She Ever Did

Pierce, Thomas. The Afterlives

Preston, Douglas. The Pharaoh Key

Thomson, E.S. Dark Asylum


Feek, Rory. Once Upon a Farm

Pollock, Michael. Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening


King, Stephen. The Outsiders

Johansen, Iris. Double Blind

Maden, Mike. Tom Clancy: Line of Sight

Roberts, Nora. Shelter in Place

Steel, Danielle . The Good Fight

Woods, Stuart. Turbulence

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