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Council decides on upgrades to sports complex

The Fredericktown City Council accepted a bid for phase I contract II of the sports complex project Monday night at its bi-monthly meeting.

City Engineer Tim Baer presented three bids to the board with several alternate options to choose from.

The bid summary showed a base bid for the completion of the two softball fields and baseball field with alternate options to add irrigation systems to the infield and outfiled and to upgrade the fencing of all three fields and backstops of the softball fields.

When discussing the need for an irrigation system, Alderman Paul Brown said it could be a gamble to opt out of putting a system in and that the cost of replacing a dead field could end up costing the city more than the initial cost of the system.

County Commissioner Larry Kemp said an irrigation system is the best way to go but questioned the capacity of the city’s water system and whether or not it could handle watering the field.

Mayor Kelly Korokis said she likes the idea of having an irrigation system in the infield where sod will be laid and then have the option to manually water the outfield if needed.

Baer said the city will need to have a plan on how to get water to the dry areas if the city experiences a dry fall.

When discussing the backstop upgrades for the softball fields Korokis said she would like all the fields to be the same and to be premier fields.

Alderman Rick Polete added that with going with the padded backstops would give the city extra revenue options by selling advertisements.

The council voted to go with Brockmiller Construction, Inc. coming in at a base bid of $631,433.37 and added alternate bid 1 for infield irrigation on all three fields in the amount of $28,475.56, alternate bid 3 to change all fencing to aluminum in the amount of $1,321.34 and alternate bid 4C to change the softball fields backstops to netted with padded knee walls to match the baseball field for the amount of $31,611.56. The bids totaled $692,841.83 and were approved by the board with four “yes” votes by Deena Ward, Loretta Brown, Paul Brown and Rick Polete and two “no” votes by Jim Miller and Harold Thomas.

In other Sports Complex discussion, Baer reported the sinkhole work and additional rock work have added some costs and change orders will be submitted. However, Polete asked Baer about extra funds put in place for these type of unexpected changes. Baer said the funds would be used for this purpose, keeping the project within budget.

In other work session business, a travel request by Police Chief Eric Hovis for Sgt. Michael Sletten to attend a five-day, basic criminal investigation and detective schooling in Lee’s Summit was approved by the board as well as a request by the Madison County Chamber of Commerce to close the streets for Freakytown on Oct. 27.

The Waste Water Department had an emergency addition to the agenda due to the breaking down of its lift station on Delmar. 

Water Water Plant Manager Vince Grieshaber said the system was outdated and one of only two used in the state. The proposal was to update the station to systems like the department’s other lift stations. 

“It went out, and it is an emergency type situation,” Grieshaber said.

Grieshaber said the process to replace it can take time, and it needs to be started right away. 

The council approved the upgrade with the addtional option of adding a valve pit and gave a cap of $32,000 in case the engineer decides a larger horse power was needed.

The board also approved the request to pay for the removal and installation cost of the already approved Dodge reducer gear box at the Wastewater Plant.

In regular session business the council heard an audit presentation from Debbie Johns of Van de Ven LLC for 2016/2017. Johns said overall the city is doing well watching what it is spending and taking in.

Three ordinances were approvd by the board. One will amend the official zoning district map, and the other two authorize the mayor to execute an agreement between the city and MoDOT Aviation and a contract between the city and Underwood Landscaping & Tree Service LLC.

The board also sent various zoning changes to the planning and zoning commission for review, including a request by David Basler for the rezoning of 11.6 acres north of West Main and east of Pine Castle Estates Blvd.

A public hearing for the rezoning of 502 through 510 Newberry St. from Mobile Home Park District to Two-Family Residential District was reset for Aug. 27 at 5:15 p.m. at City Hall.

During remarks of special privilege by the alderman, Alderman Paul Brown said, “Elections are Aug. 7, use your right to vote please.”

The next meeting of the Fredericktown City Council will be Aug. 13 at City Hall immediately following the 5:30 p.m. work session. 

Mayor Kelly Korokis looks through the 2016-17 audit report.

Mayor Kelly Korokis looks through the 2016-17 audit report.

Vince Grieshaber explains to the board the needed replacement of the lift station on Delmar.

Vince Grieshaber explains to the board the needed replacement of the lift station on Delmar.

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