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Driver runs from scene after hitting train

Authorities are looking for a man who was involved in a crash Tuesday morning involving a train and a truck.

Washington County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Chris Barton said a Dodge Ram truck was headed eastbound on Highway 47 at Roderick Road when it struck a Union Pacific Train.

“According to a witness, the driver did leave the scene and it was unknown if he had injuries or not,” Barton said. “There was a dog found inside of the truck that was scared and covered in glass. The dog was taken by a local animal rescue to a vet in Jefferson County to be cared for non-life threatening injuries.”

Barton said debris was scattered all over the tracks, the truck was dragged for approximately 50 feet and came to rest on a secondary track.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol investigated the crash. According to MSHP Spokesperson Corporal Juston Wheetley, the driver of the truck was coming around a curve and down the hill too fast and couldn’t stop.

“There was a train already across the track on the road and he hit the last four or five cars,” Wheetley said. “Then he left the scene and took off on foot. We are still investigating the crash and have the vehicle. It hasn’t been reported stolen.”

Wheetley said they have a few persons of interest in mind and there was no damage to the train or the train tracks. The truck was damaged and towed from the scene.

“We did do a search in the vicinity of where the crash occurred, but didn’t find anybody,” Wheetley said. “They do have an idea of who it was and will be looking into it.”

This is an ongoing investigation and the Daily Journal will bring more details as they become available.

The driver fled the scene of a crash after he hit a train and his truck was dragged down the tracks.

The driver fled the scene of a crash after he hit a train and his truck was dragged down the tracks.

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