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Police chief files corruption complaint against city officials

Longtime Park Hills Police Chief Bill Holloway confirmed Wednesday that he has filed a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General’s Office against some city of Park Hills officials regarding potential corruption.

Holloway would not discuss specifics, but said the complaint was filed with the state office and concerned potential illegal activity by city officials.

“I turned a complaint in to the attorney general’s office about what I think could be corruption and other illegal actions that I believe some of the city officials are taking,” Holloway said.

Detective Mike Kurtz, also of the Park Hills Police Department, assisted Holloway in gathering information for the complaint, according to the chief.

Holloway said the complaint was about specific city officials who he believes had committed specific illegal acts … rather than general city practices.

“That’s my job,” Holloway said. “If I think things are wrong or illegal, I just can’t sit back and let it slip by. No matter who’s doing it.”

Holloway said the complaint and any further investigation into the matter is now in the hands of Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley’s office. The Daily Journal has reached out to the attorney general’s office and is awaiting comment, which may or may not be available since it is an ongoing investigation. 

Both Holloway and Kurtz are currently on medical leave from the municipal police department.

When contacted for comment, City Administrator Mark McFarland said he had not been made aware of the police chief and detective’s complaint, and therefore could not comment. 

Mayor Daniel Naucke was not available for comment. 

Jacob Scott is a reporter with the Daily Journal. He can be reached at 573-518-3616 or at

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