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Police looking for runaway teens

The Farmington Police Department has issued an advisory for two missing teens who have a history of running away.

Farmington Police Chief Rick Baker said James Owen Warren, 14, and Austin S. Krise, 15, have run away before and are basically in the custody of the Missouri Children’s Division. He added they were court-ordered to the Farmington Children’s Home.

“We are familiar with one of the boys because he has run away from the children’s home a couple of times in the recent past,” Baker said. “The other one, we discovered had a history of running away and they are both from the Kirksville area.”

In March this past year, Warren and another boy ran away from the home and were eventually located in Illinois.

Baker said in the recent incident, two teens were reported missing on July 30 and police don’t know for sure where they boys are headed, but are trying to alert law enforcement in that area just in case they try to go back to where they are from.

“I guess there was a bed check and they were gone. When they noticed they had left we were contacted,” Baker said. “He runs, he doesn’t really want to be located either or he wouldn’t have ran away.”

Baker added they didn’t have a clothing description.

“A lot of times when we have these runaways we will find them around town,” Baker said. “We recently had two girls who ran away and they were found within 24 hours. Sometimes they just run around town, but these two individuals have a history of doing this and last time we found one of them in Illinois.”

Baker said because of that and because it has been a few days, they are doing what they can to find them. He said he wants the public to know that they haven’t been abducted and they left the facility on their own.

According to the children’s home website, children come into their care for a number of reasons. Often it’s because they have been abused, neglected or abandoned. Many struggle with depression and anxiety. Some exhibit harmful behavior because of exposure to substance abuse, domestic violence or other trauma during their childhood.

If anyone has any information on the location of the two teens, they are asked to contact the Farmington Police Department at 573-756-6686.

James Owen Warren

James Owen Warren

Austin S. Krise

Austin S. Krise

Renee Bronaugh is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-518-3617 or

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