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Eva Oberle is a certified showman

As the final hours of the 2018 St. Francois County Fair counted down to its close, exhibitors across the fairgrounds were performing last minute chores in preparation for heading home the following morning. One of them was Eva Oberle of Ste. Genevieve, an eight-year member of the Bear Creek Kids 4-H group.

She’s the daughter of Andre and Krista Oberle.

Asked what she liked about this year’s county fair, Oberle said, “My steer, Bear, did really good this year. He got third overall and I took senior showmanship.”

For those who are unfamiliar with the term “senior showmanship,” it’s not an easy distinction to earn.

“You have to know what you’re doing and know how to setup your animal,” Eva said. “I have to know how to show them off the best, so they look the best. You also have to learn how the ring works and how you’re supposed to go in the ring. You’ve got to know something about your animal — what you do like and don’t like.

“To get a steer ready for the fair, you have to halter break them. I started mine in December and I’ve been working with him since. You’ve got to feed them and wash them. Then you have to bring them to show them. There’s just a lot of work.”

This is Eva’s fourth year to show cattle at the county fair. She showed horses before that.

“This is probably my best year,” Eva said. “Winning third overall and senior showmanship was pretty great.”

Despite her years of experience of showing livestock at the county fair, Eva admits that she still gets nervous from time to time when showing an animal.

“Yeah,” she said. “Half the time I’m shaking.”

Eva said one of the things she likes best about coming to the St. Francois County Fair every year is hanging with the other kids who attend.

“I just like getting to know all the people and working with them,” she said. “I like showing with them and seeing what I can do. We always try to help each other out and if someone needs help, everyone’s pretty prepared to help — if a calf gets loose or someone’s having trouble moving their hog, or whatnot.”

When she needs a little help, Eva can count on her mom and dad to help out.

“My mom helps out a lot,” she said. “My dad is not home a whole, whole lot because he’s a veterinarian, so he’s working a lot of the time. But he’ll haul them for us and helps gives the shots and everything.”

The St. Francois County Fair will be returning in the summer of 2019 when kids from across the area once again bring their livestock and other projects to the fairgrounds for another year of judging, recognition, sales and fun.

Eva Oberle, of Ste. Genevieve, is proud of her steer, Bear, who won third overall in judging at the St. Francois County Fair, but she's got something to crow about herself. She won

Eva Oberle, of Ste. Genevieve, is proud of her steer, Bear, who won third overall in judging at the St. Francois County Fair, but she’s got something to crow about herself. She won “senior showmanship” this week.

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